A homeschool field trip of our hometown, Schweinfurt.

24 July 2010

On a recent field trip with our homeschool group--it was planned to take a tour around the city--that we live in. I know....how many times can you tour your own city?? Well, since we are a military family...it's the first for us...at least with a English-speaking tour guide that is.

We have been here about a year and a half, and almost 4 years overseas. The tour was enjoyable and I am so glad it didn't rain at all! It was cloudy all day, but it was a nice break from the heat of the summer.

We visited these highlights of the city;

1. Marktplatz [Market Square with monument to Rückert]
2. Schrotturm [Shot Tower]
3. Whitman Monument [Poet and orientalist]
4. Rathaus [City Hall]
5. Olympia Fulvia Morata Monument [Humanist]
6. Major Art Campaign, "Schweinfurt is Lucky." [Pig Statues all over Schweinfurt, each designed differently] ...and a few other stops along the way.

We learned alot about the area in general and walked to areas we haven't been before and some stores that I need to visit. Schweinfurt is lovely for the most part; lots of areas to visit, nice sidewalks, parks, museums, pools, etc. etc. So, overall a successful field-trip. Thank you to our Homeschool group field-trip coordinator, Krista, for making it happen. :)

Afterwards, we ate lunch at the Marktplatz, yes we had McDonald's. You can take the Kids out of the U.S., but you can't take the U.S. out of the Kids. Happy Meals are our friends....portion-size controlled--of course.


Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

What fun! :D I'd love to get stationed in Germany again. My dad was stationed there back when I was about 8-10. :D We loved it!

Jessica S. said...

Thanks Sherry~ Germany is beautiful...I do like it, but it'll be five and a half years before we get back to the States. Ugh. So ready for my Hubby to retire!! 2012 BABY! 2012!! :)

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