Hedgehog Delight!

21 July 2010

The other night I was in for a treat! I was completing Term 2 for my planner and decided to call it a night, when I realized my poor kitty was still outside. So in order to let him in, I'd have to go downstairs and open my back door. I forgot to put my glasses on half way down the stairs, but I wasn't really concerned about it-until I opened my back door.

I noticed that something was staring at me! It was small, but I knew it wasn't a toy or anything and way to small size for my cat. I turned on the light and it moved! EEEK!! Mind you I am not a nature-person per-se (and this is the reason why I like the Charlotte Mason philosophy--it will get me to jump in full force in Nature) and it kinda scared me! HA HA HA

So then it just kept walking slowly to one of my bushes...and stayed. I could hear it and I walked up slowly near it to see it up-close and personal. :) Then as I got close enough, I realized there were two of them! First thought --porcupine!! But do they have porcupines in Germany? Hmmm...nope no long quills on it, and they are bigger than this thing... Then I remembered those cute little figurines at the local market (here in Germany)--Hedgehog(s).

They were pretty cute. I don't know if they were male or female, courting, fighting, or what. They were making loud noises though... I quickly ran upstairs to get my camera!

Nature is COOL!! Even in my backyard. Too bad the kiddos were sleeping, but it was very late...they did however get to see the photos...not near as exciting, but I wanted to share the enjoyment I had viewing them. It's what it's about right?? Studying Nature for enjoyment?? Well, it's definitely a factor. If no one was excited about the living things around us, for example, let's like say; Anna Botsford Comstock? If she was NOT excited about Nature...then we wouldn't have this AWESOME Handbook of Nature Study--would we??

Unfortunately, hedgehogs are not highlighted in the book--because I checked, but she mentioned only a few mammals because then it (book) would turn into an encyclopedia!!

Well, just wanted to share my first ever encounter at studying 'nature' at night and I suppose I am now an offical Nature Study Student! :) I guess I have be, considering I have four boys who love being outside!!

Oh! And Romeo (my cat) was nowhere to be seen. He did however return later...wonder why? ;0)

More information about Hedgehogs:

1. Hedgehog Central
2. Hedgehog: National Geographic Page
3. The International Hedgehog Association

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