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14 July 2010

If you are like me, finding photos for my blog, free photos and the like, are easy to find, but I am always dismayed over the content I view while searching for the right photo to use.

Well, now I am super excited to share a new photo community that is FAMILY FRIENDLY ! You can join the community for free and it's a place to share your own photos with others, and even dabble in selling your own photos as well.

"Pix-O-Sphere, the only Family Friendly Photo Community for hosting, sharing, and selling photos."

Right now until July 23rd, you can enter your photos for the for a chance to win a 10 credit package (credit for purchasing photo on Pix-O-Shere or one-year Advanced Membership (you'll need AM to sell your photos)

GRAND OPENING BLOCK PARTY Good Luck!! I am about to enter some photos as well! ;-)

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