What is Your Favorite Subject to Teach? Blog Hop #10

26 May 2010

Theme: Your favourite subject to teach (or learn alongside) your children and why?

Wow!! Nice question. Hands-down I love Science and Health for life-learning and teaching. I have always been a fanatic about Science and Health...mainly God's creation of the human anatomy & physiology, and classes like microbiology!! LOVE IT!!

As a child and late into my young adult life I wanted to become a dietitian; but as the saying goes, "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans..." -John Lennon wrote that I believe. I joined the Army right after high school and my MOS (job) was diet technician...so I got close to my dream of becoming a dietitian--I worked underneath several of them. LOL!! It was fun, is was great, it was super being in that kind of environment!! I loved working in the Nutrition Care Division at a local Army Hospital...but, as the Army has it, we moved to another location, and another, and another...so you get the idea.

SO, main topic ~ sorry I get distracted. ;) Anywhoo--I have always had the fascination with Science and Health. It's just super interesting to me! A close second is History. I am so excited for our next year's curriculum; where you can visit here-if you'd like.

I find that my 12 year old excels in Science and my 8-year old loves Health...so in that I am thankful they share my enthusiasm for both subjects. I pray that they will eventually go into the healthcare field as adults or like my 12 y/o (this year) has taken an special interest in Zoology (animal classification) to the point he wants me to get books he can study...if fact I need to get on Amazon after this post! ;0)

Well, this is our favorite subject!! So what's yours?? If you want to Blog Hop #10 go here for more information! I can't wait to view other blogs!!

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Debbie said...

We love science here as well, and I would have to say it comes in as a strong second for a favorite to teach.

kewkew said...

I have yet to post my favorite subject to teach and reading your blog reminded me that I have a toss up. I have to see how I will translate that into a post in a little bit. I was wondering how you were able to put that link to Answers in Genesis in your sidebar. I would love to be able to have that in my sidebar. Answers in Genesis is one of my most important ministries to support (it is through their ministry I was led to become a Christian)

Jessica S. said...

I sent you an email kewkew!! Thanks!!

Kylie said...

Science is definitely a close second for me, thanks for sharing :)

Kylie said...

Jessica I am just doing the rounds of the blog hops and on one comment you mentioned finding a great cheap book website, have you shared details of that on your blog before?

Jessica S. said...

Yes, I have mentioned it. On my favorite Links you will find --you will find Homeschool Library Builder. This is (right sidebar) the website that I now frequently check for my GROWING library!! :) Hope this helps.

Jessica S. said...

Kylie you can view my review for Homeschool Library Builder....by finding it to the right on my 'past product reviews' and click on Homeschool Library Builder....it should take you right to my review. I do love the website!! Hope this is what you were talking about!! Again, thanks for hosting the Blog Hop!

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