TOS Crew Member Review: Time4Learning, Pre-K Level

29 April 2010

Looking for Homeschool Curriculum Help? Time4Learning can.
PreK-8th grade; Math, Language Arts, Science & Social Studies

Benefits of Time4Learning
• Online Curriculum for Pre-K to 8th Grades
• Access to 3 Grade Levels of Lessons
• 1,000+ Student-Paced Multimedia Activities
• Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies
• Interactive, Project-Based Activities
• Detailed Reporting for Easy Record-Keeping
• Lesson Plans & Teaching Tools for Parents
• Lessons Correlated to State Standards

Homeschool Software
The Time4Learning software is web-based so there is nothing to download and you can access it from any computer. The lessons are taught in short chunks, usually just one to three minutes, and are followed by interactive software exercises for reinforcement and discovery learning. The homeschool software includes online lessons and quizzes.

The Time4Learning online learning system combines interactive lessons, multimedia reinforcement activities, printable worksheets, learning games, and assessments with reports into one homeschool curriculum.

Try a free Demo here.

A top selection of the "Top 100 Educational Websites" list, Time4Learning provides a flexible, student-paced approach that combines animated lessons, interactive activities and exercises that make learning fun.

Time4Learning Members Get Access To:
• Online Curriculum for Preschool to 8th Grade
• Access to 1,000+ Animated Lessons
• Math Exercises & Printable Worksheets
• Language Arts from Phonics through Reading
• Science & Social Studies In Most Grade Levels
• Automated Reporting for Easy Record Keeping
• Detailed Lesson Plans for Parents
• Lessons Correlated to State Standards

Want to see Lesson Plans for Pre-K through 8th grade? Please go here to view them all!

“Time4Learning is web based, so there is no software to download, no CDs and nothing additional to purchase. Members can access the program 24/7 from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection.”

We got to review the new Pre-K level with Time4Learning. There are two levels to the Pre-K curriculum. The Time4Learning Preschool is comprised of two learning levels, based on difficulty:

1. Level one includes fewer and easier commands and options.
2. Level two is primarily intended for learners who can understand and follow multiple commands with a greater number of options.

Time4Learning Preschool Lesson Summary
PreK Level One: 20 themes / Total Activities: 83
PreK Level Two: 21 themes / Total Activities: 92

This curriculum is designed so that it can be used as a one-year program, beginning with the easier activities and progressively becoming more difficult as the year continues. There are approximately twenty themes for each half of the school year, approximately one theme per week of school, for a total of about forty weeks, if a parent decides to use the program in this fashion.

For a more detailed look into the Pre-K Level themes and activities, please visit here.

If you are also new to homeschooling, Time4Learning has a wonderful guide called, Welcome to Homeschooling; A Guide for Families located here.

I would recommend this page first to learn more of Time4Learning. Frequently Asked Questions located here.

Time4Learning is has plenty of support online:
Daily Blog
Parent Homeschool Forum
State-by-State Homeschool Support Groups

Ok, finally the cost:

The monthly membership is $19.95 for the first child and $14.95 for each additional child, with nothing else to buy. Your billing cycle begins on the day of registration and members are billed every 30 days, until you contact us to cancel. When an account is cancelled, members will have access to the program until the end of their billing cycle.


Stemmerding's Take on Time4Learning;

Mind you, in almost every home school magazine I read, Time4Learning is in it. So of course the curiosity of the program caught my interest but as a new home school mom, I wasn’t looking for online programs—so I didn’t research too much on it. Just being out of public school, my children (so I thought) didn’t need a curriculum that is fully on-line. “Playing games” all day on the computer is not my idea of learning.

Misconceptions always get the better of us…with my children being in public school for almost 6 years (my oldest); the idea for learning was misconstrued. Mostly the children learn that after you finish your ‘real’ work then you can get on the computer and ‘play.’ I am slow, but surely getting away from that mentality. Actually, I think a lot of teachers (whether homeschool or public school, etc.) are now learning that computer-based programs really enhance our children’s learning.

In the world of technology, getting our children exposed to computer learning is a good thing. I would not necessarily say it’s the best learning, but like I said-enhance learning. I suppose I am still a hands-on learning type of gal—so naturally, I want my children to learn the love of reading books not a screen.

Overall, I did enjoy reviewing Time4Learning for my Pre-K. He thoroughly enjoyed doing the activities. Any time on the computer is fun!! But as parents the fun really takes a backseat to learning. OF COURSE we what our children to have fun in learning—to be life-longer learners….but some programs are just that fun and no comprehension. Not so with Time4Learning.

I do believe that (for the little time at review) he was learning. He is learning. The separation of the themes makes it easy for parents to decide on for reviewing and learning. Time4Learning do state on their website that the Pre-K version has been updated due to past technical issues. With the new and updated version, we had no problems or difficulties with Time4Learning, Pre-K.

The layout and icons –everything looks wonderful and the bright colors take the imagination of my 3 ½ year old to an amazing place. The fact that in today’s world is so ‘GREEN’ conscience…this is yet another positive reproach to learning. I have nothing against everyone or anyone being Green, but it’s not a priority to me….to some this might be the deciding factor. Again, I will state that my family is more hands-on learners.

Time 4Learning provides outstanding mentorship through their Parent and Community Forum. You can ask and receive questions, chat with other families who use Time4Learning. There are actual State groups that are formed, you can ‘meet’ up with other Time4Learning recipients, and there is vast information about Time4Learning and homeschool in general on this particular forum. You can even join the forum and read about cares, concerns, and praises even if you are not a current member.

Membership was clear and concise. Maneuvering around Time4Learning is awesome. I had no problems getting to where I need to go on the site. Another thing I would like to mention is that Time4Learning calculates the progress your child or children have while on Time4Learning. So in essence, being a first time homeschool mom, I would recommend this easy yet concise program. I have heard many do like Time4Learning and there are some families that exclusively use Time4Learning for their homeschool.

I myself, if I needed that freedom to have‘umbrella-type learning’, where I didn’t have the resources or time to gather a curriculum, then Time4Learning is great. My only concern is that so often I find (thorough research) and ‘especially for Pre-K’ that they are numerous websites that give free information and activities for free.

If you have the money for a monthly subscription, then I would definitely recommend Time4Learning. It is an awesome website if money is not an issue. If you want the convenience of having a great program but money is the issue then I would recommend maybe recalculating the family budget—if you really enjoy the program. *SMILE* I know we could probably do without one night without a meal at the fast-food restaurant, in return for a full month of wonderful learning –ready to go.

NOTE: I am not paid to do the product reviews, so my review is exactly how I feel about the educational product and how my family used it. If you would like to view other homeschool teachers take of Time4Learning, please go here. Thanks!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the review....I have been thinking about adding this to our curriculum....mainly for math. The monthly fee just gets me....still trying to deside if it is worth it. Thanks!

Jessica S. said...

Welcome Amanda. Yes, I have enjoyed Time4Learning. Actually very good! So with your one child, I would say it would be all you need. Unless of course you add in manipulatives and hands-on activities you'd like. Take Care!! ;0)

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