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10 March 2010

is hosting a Blog Hop and this week's theme is: What Is Your Style??

Your philosophy for your home school environment.

I realize that the majority of home schoolers will always say they are eclectic (picking and choosing what works for them) but what method (or who) is your inspiration and why? Are you unschoolers, classical homeschoolers, are you inspired by Montessori or Waldorf, are you most comfortable with a more school at home approach, or do you dream of being in a totally different place than you are now with your whole approach? Whatever it is, it's time to share.

Well, for our family, we have started out traditional. We are using A Beka Academy this year. As a first-time homeschool mom--it has been tremendous help with planning the curriculum (it's done for you), all subjects are covered; to include Bible (which is the reason we chose A Beka), but I have wanted to include a foreign language: Spanish. Overall, I would say my style is Traditional and Biblical.

As I have mentioned before in January;

Well, some of the things I have learned, being that this is our first year, I am not exactly traditional type of gal. I knew that before-hand honestly, but with much discussion with the Hubby, it was the smartest thing to do. Truly, I love using A Beka curriculum. I love every subject they cover, the Bible classes are outstanding, and it is very Christ-centered and that is exactly what we wanted and received. Really, the only thing we have changed is that we now are not sending in the children's grades, I am keeping them in my we are not so time constricted.

Also, my children going from public school to homeschooling, I feel the transitioning is not so traumatic. Meaning, A Beka is work-based oriented---worksheets and repetition is a key factor with A Beka, but I know the children (while tedious) are retaining the information they are given.

At first look, A Beka's spelling and penmanship are a little daunting because--well for example, my third grader has about 22 (on average) words per week. In public school it might have been 10 words per week. My 6th grader has about 35 words per me that is a bit much.

But---outside of class and in everyday living, I can see the results. My Ethan (6th grader) will point out one of his 'words' and give the definition and again it's being reinforced in real-time, real-life circumstances. I know that happens with all children, but I find it all the more special that I am learning with him and I know where he's coming from--because I help facilitate that knowledge. I LOVE IT!!

I know that being the first year homeschool mother---it's like being a mother (for the first time) we are obsessed with: are they breathing a night (we go check to make sure they are) or are they eating enough; getting the nutrition they need? Are they learning the material or are they at 'grade' level? It's all very abstract, but being the humans we are--we want concrete evidence AND this is where God comes into the picture.

We try to rely on ourselves only, but I know that I can't do this by myself, homeschool mother or teacher (in general) is perfect or really is apt to homeschool/'s something God lays on your heart to do...because the most important education you can give to your children is to rely on God and the knowledge of Salvation. To know that God loves them, even though we are sinful beings, we are loved.

So, even if we are a little behind (my) schedule --we are definitely where God wants us to be... While doing my own bible study "Relying on God's Strength' , the main verse is, 2 Corinthians 12:9 - "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." I AGREE!

Here is another post about what goes with A Beka and what we learn on any given day... Homeschool Curriculum: 2009-2010

Looking at Advanced Training Institute for next year...but have to confirm with the Hubby! (Unit Study)

Looking forward to viewing everyone's styles and did I mention I really do love the Charlotte Mason, Classical, and Old-Fashion Education styles too??!! LOL!

Most importantly, I am here to share knowledge (and hopefully wisdom), guide them and love them...

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Debbie said...

Abeka is a good curriculum. I used it when my older children were homeschooling. Great Post!

Kylie said...

Thanks for sharing.

Jessica S. said...

Yes, we do like A Beka. I have gone from turning in grades to keeping my own...So that we are not on a time constraint and this allows me to tweak it a little. Overall I give it an A+!! :D (the material)

mother plus teacher said...

Thanks for sharing!

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