Homeschool Curriculum 2009-2010

31 July 2009

Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners. ~John Holt

So here is our schedule:

My 6th grader:

A Beka

History: New World, Hist/Geography
Grammar: Language C
Spelling: Spelling, Vocab. & Poetry
Math: Arithmetic 6
Supplement: ALEKS
Reading: Library and Of America II
Health: Choosing Good Health
Science: Observing God's World
Art: How Great Thou Art I
Foreign Lanuage: Spanish
P.E.: CYS Soccer
Church: Patch the Pirate

Devotions: Grapevine Studies: New Testament L3

My 3rd Grader:

A Beka

History: Our American Heritage
Math: Arithmetic 3
Supplement: ALEKS
Handwriting: Cursive Writing Skillbook 3
Reading: Library and Worlds of Wonder
Health: Health, Safety, and Manners 3
Science: Exploring God's World
Art: The Lamb's Book of Art 1
Foreign Lanuage: Spanish
P.E.: CYS Soccer
Church: Patch the Pirate

Devotions: Grapevine Studies: Old Testament L1

My Pre-schooler:

Bible Songs on CDs
IXL Pre-K Math
Lapbooking 101
Bible Lapbooks
Alphabet Lapbooks
Enchanted Learning


Lots of love and affection!! :)

My TOP TEN pick for the HomeSchool Open House 2009 is here.


Anonymous said...

Your plans look great. I used Starfall for two years and really loved it. I bought the package with the books, journals, and Zak the Rat. After the girls read all of the books, I gave them Zak. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I love Starfall--its excellent! ;)

Heather said...

A friend of ours is really happy with abeka. I am also so glad to get some of these math extras for ours. I think I like Aleks alot so far. & we are getting a kick out of grapevine. I left a message about school on your other site--whoops:) Anyway, as the school year comes--Best wishes!

Julie said...

Abeka is a great program, I used it with my two oldest boys. I am very blessed that the books are published in my hometown and I have easier access to them. :) Good luck with your year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Julie! :) Rough start(since it's our first year) but the Lord will see us through...

Kathi said...

I wish I could have a separate school room with desks! We have a mult-purpose kitchen table/dining room/living room. It's all good though!

Anonymous said...

I have to bookmark those lapbook sites! Thanks!

Jessica S. said...

@Knit1Kids4 I love lapbooking!! I feel we are going to have so much fun with it this year. I super knowledgeable lady gave me more lapbooking sites--I'll post them soon! Have fun! ;) We just received, "The ABC Bible Verse Book" by Deedra Scherm. We will be basing our ABC's with this book! :) HAVE FUN!

Jessica S. said...

@ Kathi Yes, we are blessed to have an extra room...we have a five bedroom. I placed the kiddos in two rooms...older two bunk-beds, and my pre-k and baby in one room....which made for a playroom and classroom. Have many kids do you have? I do believe anywhere in the house is the learning room! ;) Take Care! :)

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