Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class, Vol. I: A Review

07 January 2010

Worship Guitar Class, a Christian Guitar Instructional series to teach you how to play the guitar 'effortlessly'

Added to my home recently was Jean Welles: Worship Guitar Class, Volume One book and DVD. Worship Guitar Class is for individual or Group Lessons with songs. Included in the book is:

• Parts of the Guitar
• Tuning the Guitar
Lesson 1:
a. how to hold a guitar
b. how to read chord charts
c. He’s Got the Whole World in His hands.
Lesson 2: My all in all
Lesson 3: More Precious than Silver
Lesson 4: Take My Life
Lesson 5: Lord, I lift your Name of High
Lesson 6: Right-Hand Position
Lesson 7: I Love You, Lord
• Bonus Lesson: Left-Hand Exercise
• More Lessons
• What Others Say

There are bible verses that relate to song and tips for better understanding what the song is about and how to make them personally to your own walk with God.
With the DVD: Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class, Volume One it is in English and Spanish! There is a booklet with all music included also.
Songs on the DVD:

Lesson 1: He’s Got the Whole World in his hands
Lesson 2: My All in All
Lesson 3: More Precious
Lesson 4: Take my life
Lesson 5: Lord, I lift your name on High
Lesson 6: This is the Day
Lesson 7: I Love you Lord

She (instructor) recommends watching the DVD first, then watch and play along for practicing.

Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class, Volume One Book and DVD
DVD Volume 1 + Book 1 - $29.95
ISBN: 978-0-978362-3-6
DVD Length: Approx. 68 Minutes, Color

Stemmerding Family Review:

Right now the only person in our family that is practicing the Guitar is my husband, Erich. He has not really gotten into playing or learning in the past because 1.) we live overseas and English-speaking teachers are sparse or really he doesn’t have the time for extracurricular activities (outside of work and home). 2.) Other programs (either on-line or other guitar lesson books) haven’t kept his interest.

He stated that because Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class, Volume One practices with Christian songs and with the additional visual material (the DVD)—it is easy to understand and learn from. The materials are informative, easy to comprehend (he has had no formal musical background) and the overall experience is awesome. He now enjoys practicing more and the incentive of knowing Christian songs is a major plus.

I think he (my husband) will definitely plan to order Volumes 2, 3 and 4 when he feels he has mastered Volume One. I would like to buy the Christmas Songs and Solos DVD/Book for him also.

I am relieved that we have found a suitable and convenient way for my husband and possibly our boys to learn and play the Guitar. I love to hear my husband play songs for us- it’s a great way to Praise the Lord at home and at church.

I just love to listen to the DVD in English and Spanish.
My children take Spanish for foreign language, and listening to the Songs on the DVD make for audio enhancement to our program, plus the Guitar Lessons for my husband too!

Here is a 5-minute introduction to the flagship course for
Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class

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Looking at Jean Welles Website, It gives me the courage to finally make a desire to play the violin a reality by getting her Violin Praise Book.

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NOTE: I am not paid to do the product reviews, so my review is exactly how I feel about the educational product and how my family used it.


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