The Quarter Mile Math by Barnum Software, a Product Review

28 August 2009
The Quarter Mile is designed to be a ‘self-competitive drag race’ or ‘wild (riderless) running horse’s race’. The goal is to answer as possible during the races. The object of the game is to improve your elapsed times by answering the problems faster and faster. Your top five averages is the method by which you can track your progress and/or compete against others…

The Quarter Mile Math can be used on
•Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista
•Macintosh Systems 8.x up to OS 10.4 running Classic.
(The Quarter Mile will not run on OS 10.5 or Macs with Intel processors)

Key advantages:
•Has additional student process features
•Students can access their previous scores and continue processing
•If you have DSL or cable, multiple students on different computers can use it simultaneously.
•Free upgrades
•Low annual subscription

The Quarter Mile Math has two products available: Deluxe and Standard.

Our family take on Quarter Mile Math:

This product is easy to use and so user-friendly-which is a plus in my book. I am seriously excited for receiving this program. It is correlated to State and NCTM standards and used by schools, tutors, homeschoolers and the like. The graphics were not as high-tech as I imagined, but the program is WONDERFUL!! My children love the ‘Awesome Smoking Dragsters’ and the ‘Wild Riderless Running Horses’ racing…they learn Math without it being a ‘chore’ or ‘school.’ We have the CD Version: Deluxe Level 1-3 Bundle and I love that we don’t have to use internet to play for our laptop use--but having that option is great too. It’s a wonderful program to use and for right now we are using it as a supplement for our Math skills and learning. The Quarter Mile Math is a super incentive and fun activity center for my children. What a great opportunity! In the user-guide sent with the CD, there is a chart for Morse code: so we can’t wait to use this as a fun activity!
Also, from what I read on the cover, they make it so user-friendly that they have a toll free technical support phone number (which we have not needed to use, but it’s available).

So, please if you have the time, visit their website and see for yourself! Happy Racing with The Quarter Mile Math!

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Quarter Mile Math is now offering a discount until 30 September 2009:

On the order form make sure you use the code above, and you’ll get $5.00 off any The Quarter Mile Math products—Standard or Deluxe.

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