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14 July 2009

What is SpellQuizzer? SpellQuizzer helps your children practice their spelling and vocabulary words. A very simple program, but effective enough for all children. It does not matter the age or level of competency because you control the spelling/vocabulary lists by customizing them yourself.

I enjoyed the ease of the spelling software and my boys had fun with it also. I made individual spelling list for both of my boys. I used several weeks of spelling words they will have starting in August. We use A Beka, Program 1--my oldest has 35 words per week and my 7 year old has about 15 words per week. That is alot of words to remember and to spell right! LOL! So, this great spelling program is effective and very smart to have.

With this spelling software you can make out lists (individual) and custom make them to preference and save the lists. You can either import and/or export lists (if you're in a homeschool co-op either my saved file on your desktop or by email). Just use a computer microphone to record the spelling word and/or you can insert a reminder phrase (e.g. definition or funny phrase) which helps the children to remember the spelling word and reinforces the words by hearing and by definition.

For example, one of my 7 year old son's spelling word was 'friend.' I typed in the phrase, "Jo-Jo is your best ____." He immediately got the spelling word and he said, "How does it know that Jo-Jo is my friend?" "That's cool!" and then typed in the spelling word (and got it right-I might add). Even if your child gets a spelling word wrong, it lets you know the correct spelling and SpellQuizzer can go over the misspelled words again with the child.

It's a wonderful spelling product in which we all enjoyed. If you don't have a PC microphone, you can easily buy one at a local store for under $10.00. This helps to have a clear, understandable voice when you insert audible word into SpellQuizzer. Or you can be like me, and just enter in the definition or funny phrase that the kids will enjoy and learn. I liked that they read a little bit here, understand the definition = word, and they also get to practice their typing skills! You hit three birds with one stone. That's great if you ask me. ;)

My children are both visual learner (oldest) and kinesthetic learner (7 year-old) so this spelling software is a great find for our family because both of them can use this program for maxmium learning. Any child with a list of spelling words can benefit from this software. With a one-time purchase fee, and lifetime of use...it's a great buy. I love that once you download it you don't have to be on-line to use it. After I download on our laptop we'll be able to use it anywhere at any time.

Here are some tips on the SpellQuizzer website:

SpellQuizzer is a product of TedCo Software which was founded by Daniel Hite. Dan started working as a corporate software developer in 1995 and formed the software business Auction Sentry Software in 2001 developing and marketing the popular eBay user utility called Auction Sentry. The software was highly successful and in 2007 was awarded the People's Choice Award at the Software Industry Conference. Dan sold the Auction Sentry Software business at the end of 2007 to focus on his newer educational products such as SpellQuizzer.

SpellQuizzer can be purchased for $29.95 here.

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