2009 TOS Planner

17 July 2009

Please read my Review of the TOS Planner here.

Make 2009 a Perfect “10” with the 2009 Schoolhouse Planner

The 2009-2010 Schoolhouse Planner has been re-created to be bigger and better than ever before with essays from your favorite authors, including Dr. Jay L. Wile and Amanda Bennett. Plus, if you order before July 12, you’ll receive the 2009 Planner Excerpts FREE.

The Planner includes a calendar for 2009-2012 to make your planning and scheduling easier, as well as:

- Copywork pages, ready to print and use.
- High school transcript forms.
- Over 40 all-new forms for household and homeschool organization.
- Monthly articles, including:

July—Start at the beginning with the study of our nation as you read “The
Thirteen Colonies” by Michelle Miller (TruthQuest History).

August—Keep topics in order as you learn the how and why of math in “Ten Keys to Success Learning Math in the Decimal System” by Steve Demme of Math•U•See.

September—You’ll read all about the different types of clouds as Dr. Jay L. Wile, Ph.D., brings you “Weather” filled with fascinating facts.

October—Just in time for dry fall leaves, Molly Green writes “Home Fires Happen” to improve your knowledge of fire prevention and safety. The Emergency Preparedness information doesn’t stop with fire; it includes earthquake, tornado, and hurricane safety too!

November—Known as the month for voting, November includes “American Government Basics” by Amanda Bennett. Learn the components of our governmental system, find a listing of branches of federal, state, and local governments, links to local levels of government, and encouragement for students to contact their leaders.

December—“Learning to Spot the Planets” by Jay Ryan (Classical Astronomy) will be an adventure with the unaided eye as you learn the planets are easily visible on a clear night.

January—Bring in 2010 with “Using Letter Writing to Connect the Generations” as Grandconnect presents ideas for encouraging consistent and creative communication between grandparents and grandchildren. Tremendous Letter Writing Tips & Samples fill two pages of assistance for both personal and business letters.

February—With 44 miracles and 55 parables neatly presented on the charts The Miracles of Jesus and The Parables of Jesus, February flourishes as “Jesus’ First Miracle” by Robert W. Carter, Ph.D., brings an enlightening study to the month.

March—Bound into the month like a lion as you learn “What’s So Great About Dead Languages?” with Karen Mohs (Greek ‘n’ Stuff). Karen assures readers that “the key ingredient for success is a heart ready and willing to learn.”

April—“Lap Books: A Creative Road to Retention” by Tammy Duby will explain the advantages of lapbooking and supply a wonderful resource list for those already in love with this great teaching tool. And the Basic Lap Book™ Supplies list is printable!

May—Make some sense of everything after graduation with Terry Wilfong in “The Basics of Getting Into College.” As the president of College Options Foundation, he breaks down the many options for financing a college education and defines the three basic types of scholarships as he directs you toward the understanding that “Education is the Door to all Endeavors.” The Getting Into College timeline is broken down by high school grade and monthly tasks and should not be missed!

June—Close the school year with an informative look at “Homeschooling Around the World” by Terri Johnson of Knowledge Quest Maps. What is homeschooling like in New Zealand, China, Canada, South Africa, or Israel? Learn what others deal with across the globe as they strive to homeschool their children, and be reminded of how blessed we are to homeschool in the United States!

Each article has a corresponding “Must-Know” list, including:

• Latin and Greek Roots
• Letter Writing Tips
• Getting into College Checklist
• Emergency Preparedness
• Branches of Federal, State, and Local Governments
• And more!

Why wait? Now is the time to “Plan Your Best Year Ever!”


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