TOS Material?

11 June 2009
Yes, I am laughing out loud!! I just subscribed to The Old Schoolhouse magazine, as most of you know I am on Facebook, and among other sites. I love to research, read articles of interest and love to search the internet for new/old (tech savy/history) material (mind you---between the feedings, diaper changed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry, baseball, Church, puke on the shirt---you get the idea). But I'd say if I did have a hobby it would be reading, researching areas of interest, and blogging. Well anyway---I joined the TOS page (on Facebook) and they have a site (blog) for the TOS Homeschool Crew.

So, upon reading it...they are looking for a new crew!! YEAH!! Can I become part of that? Interesting enough we shall see?!! I would love to receive free/new homeschool products!! Who wouldn't? With me starting up for next school year and the kids exciting and ready to go--this seems to be an adventure/voyage that we are willing to take. Are you up for the voyage?? We are a perfect source for use as guinea pigs!! Sure I want to join in.... Well, got to go finish reading a 95-page E-book and finish up my reviews while the kids take a nap!!
TOS Homeschool Crew


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