Homeschool Journey, Part 1

30 June 2009

We have decided to Homeschool our children. This decision has been 5 years in the making (since E entered school). I know that homeschooling involves my entire attention and some would say my entire "freedom." But this is what God has us to do. Children are a blessing from God, I believe that.

And in II Timothy 3:16, All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine (teaching), for reproof, for correction, for instruction (training)in righteousness:

It is a big step, I realize, but it is also the right choice for our family. I just can't think of E going into Jr. High....the messages they teach at public school is that GOD is DEAD. God is not dead and I don't want my children in that environment any longer. So much of their time (and my time) is wasted, they don't receive one-on-one (how can they there's 30 children in one classroom), Homework takes most of the evening when they are home, and it's just not conducive for a Christian family. Public school doesn't work when there are parents who DO NOT participate in their child's well-being or education---and this does not help the students who want to learn and better themselves. My children will grow to know and love Jesus AND that is all that matters. Really.

I am probably going to go with Abeka. I have talked with several other Homeschool Christian mothers, and this is the best--a little pricey---but the best. Foreign language will probably be Spanish, since half the U.S. speaks it anyway!! LOL!! I need to brush up on my Spanish too, sad to say... Latin would be cool...but nobody speaks Latin unless they are Doc Holliday. FYI--he is dead and hope that he was saved, but I doubt it--only God knows.

Anyway, we are all excited (even the boys). I have to start the process...paperwork from school/state--don't know how it works exactly since we are overseas, medical checkup, take assessment tests (boys), get a classroom ready (L moving in with R and L's room into a classroom), and get our taxes done (so we can purchase the curriculum).

PLEASE, PLEASE pray for the Stemmerding family, and for ALL families who take the time, effort, and the Lord's word to heart in homeschooling their children. I would also like to say too...Pray for all the children who go to public school, even mine (for right now).

We are letting the kids finish out this school year...because I wouldn't know the process of pulling them out mid-way through a school year...besides it'll give me enough time to do what I have to do to prepare!!


Blessed Family said...

I just found your blog through another homeschool blog... great blog! I am also a military family and this will be our first year totally homeschooling. My daughter has used Abeka and Bob Jones in the two private schools she went to. When we moved to this last school it was SO easy for her after using ABEKA... she has been begging me to homeschool here. So this past year we have been supplementing but now I will be starting this summer full time. I also have a 4 year old from China... and hoping to adopt another 8 year old. I am nervous and excited. How did your year go for you and were you glad you did it? Any advice for me? Now I am going to go back and read more of your blog! Have a great day

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