Christmas in the Summer: TOS Magazine special offer!!

29 June 2009

SUMMERTIME IS HERE!! Here is a wonderful ad for you to view here about TOS Magazine "Christmas in Summer."

It's that time of year when homeschooling families are purchasing for the 2009-2010 school year, and homeschooling parents are looking for resources, encouragement, and learning ideas.

TOS Magazine has a fun summer subscription promotion that has just launched. It includes 19 free gifts, including a really nice gift from Sears® and an opportunity for fifty random subscribers to win a one-week free pass to participating Curves® locations.

What a wonderful time to subscribe and/or renew your The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, a two-year subscription for only $39.00 USD. For only $39 (U.S. only) you will receive a two-year subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, plus 19 very special gifts valued at more than $400—all FREE—sent directly to you from these popular homeschooling companies (and other vendors!)— no strings attached!

Don’t forget to subscribe because this special offer is only for the first 5000 subscribers!!! You'll receive your 19 fabulous FREE gifts when you subscribe/renew to your favorite magazine-- The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Here is a glimpse of the 19 free gifts, included with your subscription to TOS magazine:

Jump to Gift #1 Sears-Free 10 x 13 portrait-no sitting fee!
Jump to Gift #2 Wildtree-Free crepe mix and cheesecake blend!
Jump to Gift #3 Greenleaf-Free copy of Handwriting by George, Vol. 1!
Jump to Gift #4 Franklin Springs-Free $20 gift card!
Jump to Gift #5 Apologia-Free $10 gift card!
Jump to Gift #6 Advent-Free online filmmaking course!
Jump to Gift #7 Games by Bea-Free math board game!
Jump to Gift #8 Happy Kids-Free personalized photo calendar!
Jump to Gift #9 Quarter Mile Math-Free math drill software!
Jump to Gift #10 I Can Write-Free 1-year writing program!
Jump to Gift #11 Wikki Stix-Free one-of-a-kind creatables!
Jump to Gift #12 Visual Manna-Free art book on CD!
Jump to Gift #13 Library and Ed-Free physical books worth $25!
Jump to Gift #14 Light Speed Math-Free full-length math DVD!
Jump to Gift #15 In the Hands of a Child-Free lapbook project pack CD!
Jump to Gift #16 SueGreggCookbooks-Free Cooking With Children CD!
Jump to Gift #17 Digital Frog-Free biology software ($49 value)!
Jump to Gift #18 Daystar-Free $10 gift certificate!
Jump to Gift #19 Barker Creek-Two free skill-based activity E-Books!
Jump to Possible Bonus Gifts

So what are you waiting for???


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