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11 June 2009

At Home Where They Belong

Hello to all who visit! I have created a blog mainly for my TOS Reviews. Since I am a military spouse (and being far,far away from 'home'), blogging has been my hobby to keep my family involved and updated.

As I learned about TOS Homeschool Crew, and being a new homeschool mother, the opportunity came to try out and become apart of it. Upon learning that I was selected, we (kids and I) became excited and waiting with anticipation!

While I want to keep my family involved-having a 2nd blog relieves the stress of keeping them separate. I know that when a person wants to research a learning product, does not necessarily want to know that my 2 1/2 year old finally did the #2 in his training potty. LOL!!!!! Likewise, my family will have updates of our homeschool, but not necessarily which items we use to homeschool-in detail.

WITH becoming a member of the TOS HOMESCHOOL CREW, I will have to plan better and get organized faster! I am up for the challenge and pray to God that this new experience is a fun-filled learning environment for my sons. Super excited and can't wait! :) If you want to learn more about TOS Homeschool Crew please visit here.

Please notice that when I post a review for a product I have my own rating scale. You will see 1-5 Stars.

1 STAR - Deficient (lacking major components in a product I want)
SS: 1 Star Pictures, Images and Photos

2 STAR - Satisfactory (ok, but not worth the spending)
SS: 2 Stars Pictures, Images and Photos

3 STAR - Good (if I have extra money, but don't need)
SS: 3 Stars Pictures, Images and Photos

4 STAR - Excellent (worth looking into buying it)
SS: 4 Stars Pictures, Images and Photos

5 STAR - Prize winning (need to save up, because I want it)
SS: 5 Stars Pictures, Images and Photos


HQS said...

Hi Jessica! Saw you on the forum and wanted to see your blog:) 4 boys & in another country! Nice to meet you:) I have 3 boys and think they are wonderful--they are all just beginning to be taller than I am! Heather Quinn-Schilling (TOS Crew newbie)

Jessica S. said...

Glad to meet you too Heather!! I am sure we will get to know each other well by the end of this voyage!! :) Boys are great and scary at the same time~ LOL!

Raising Olives said...


Thanks for sharing your star system. This is a very good and simple system. I'm still on the fence, so thanks for the idea!


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