{Not} Back to School Blog Hop #2

01 August 2010

Last year I participated in the {Not} Back to School Blog Hop! So this year I definitely want to join in on the fun again! So what is this?? Here is an excerpt from Heart of the Matter who is hosting it this year...

It’s that time of year again!

The stores are filled with excitement to get public school kids geared up with new pencils, backpacks and even a new wardrobe just in time for Back-to-School. Missing out on all that buzz can be a bummer for homechooled kids and their parents – so we’re continuing the tradition with our 2nd Annual Not Back-to-School Blog Hop.

Started last year over at Life with my 3 Boybarians with 4 weeks worth of homeschool links, goodies and excitement, this year the torch has been passed to Heart of the Matter. We want to get you geared up and excited about your homeschool year, too!

So here I am getting excited and ready for our new homeschool year 2010-2011! If you'd like to visit my [so last year] blog hop you can go here. Otherwise just scroll down for our curriculum this year. One year makes a whole lot of difference, especially for this 2nd year homeschool family...

Since we are moving into our '2nd Year' (YEAH!!)--we are moving into a different direction from our 1st year as far as curriculum and philosophy go....not totally away from A Beka (all A Beka first year), but letting in a little more of the Charlotte Mason way of teaching.

For my Pre-K

* Hooked on Phonics (Reading/Language)
* Little Hands to Heaven (Activities; colors, shapes, numbers, letters)
* ABC Memory Verse (Verse Memorization)
* A Beka Primary Bible Reader KJV
* Bible Lapbooking

For my 4th grader

Devotions: Plants Grown Up by Doorposts
Math: Math-U-See: start out with Gamma
Science: Exploring Creation with Astronomy
English: English 4, Rod & Staff... and once per week Writer's Express
Bible: Answers for Kids and scheduled Bible Reading: Historical Plan(all of us will be on this plan of reading) & for Bible Projects I will use Grapevine Studies for hands-on.
Spelling: Spelling Power
Health: A Beka Health 4th grade
A Beka 4th grade readers (4 books)
History: Ancient Civilization & the Bible, Family Curriculum & Pak's History Through the Ages Timelines for World and American History
Nature Study: Handbook of Nature Study
Foreign Language: Instant Immersion-Spanish
American History: The History of US by Joy Hakim and various books from Library
Penmanship: Horizons Penmanship 4
Geography: A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth
Poetry: McGuffey Reader
Shakespeare: MidSummer Night's Dream
P.E.: Activities with Co-op and on a local Geman soccer team U9

*Various Books for extra reading.
*Daily Planners and Apologia Science help from DonnaYoung.org

My 7th Grader

Devotions: Plants Grown Up by Doorposts
Math: Life of Fred: Fractions and Decimals & Percentages
Science: Answers Book, Answers in Genesis and Apologia Science, General Science, 2ed
English: English 7, Rod& Staff and once per week Write Source-2000
Health: Nutrition 101: Choose Life!
Bible: A Beka, Exodus/Life of Christ & for Bible Projects I will use Grapevine Studies for hands-on.
History: Ancient Civilizations & the Bible (Family Pack) and Pak's History Through the Ages Spelling: Spelling Power
Nature Journal: Handbook of Nature Study
Foreign Language: A Beka Spanish 1
American History: The History of US by Joy Hakim(I got VOL. 1-7 off of Ebay, but the library can get them for me)
Poetry: McGuffey Reader
Shakespeare: MidSummer Night's Dream
Geography: A Child's Geography-Explore His Earth
P.E.: Activities with Co-op and on a local Geman soccer team U12

*Various Books for extra reading
*Apologia Science Help for General Science (awesome)

I have not receive yet, but we will TRY to include Picture Study and Music Study to our list of things to do. We'll see how it goes with this new outline, but I am super excited to start and I know the kids will have more fun this year!

As you can see, I am combining as many subjects as possible except English, Math, Spanish, and Bible. I am excited and apprehensive, but I feel that we are prepared and with God's grace we shall have another successful HOMESCHOOL year!

Happy Homeschooling! ;)


Not Back to School Blog Hop

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MamaGames - Alexa C. said...

Hi! I found you through the Not Back-to-School blog hop!

I love to see the ways that families can grow & change as the years change - I'm sure you will learn a lot from your more Charlotte Mason leanings this year!

I always smile to see familiar books... we will be working in Math U See Gamma and the History of US this year too.

Have a great year!

Tara B. said...

Looks like a full and exciting year! I recently aquired Plants Grown Up and am anxious to get into it, just haven't had the time to really go over it yet.

You also reminded me that I really want to subscribe to Answers Magazine, I've been meaning to for some time now.

Enjoy your new school year!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Great lineup!! We are also using Apologia this year and we just subscribed to the Answers in Genesis magazine~that's great stuff! Happy Schooling!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my post. I used all Abeka our first year as well and still really like their math and language, but it's been fun putting together our own stuff for the other subjects. History of Us is a great resource we used last year, my boys really enjoyed it. Nice "meeting" another mom to boys. ;)

Unknown said...

@ MamaGames: Thank you so much, yes having online forums and way of communication have been life savers for me since this is only our second year and living overseas! Thanks for the encoragement!

Unknown said...

@ Tara B.: Yes, I am enjoying the Doorpost Devotion, but one thing for sure, it does require supplements I didn't know ahead of time--like their chore list, etc etc. So right now we are just doing sections where is based mainly on our Bible. The Character topics are super though..and with four boys...it's a KEEPER!!

Also, you just reminded me!! I need to RENEW my subscription for Answers Magazine! WE LOVE READING IT!

Unknown said...

Thank you Lora!! Answers in Genesis have some great books you can read online for free too! I think their ministry is just super fantastic!! I remember someone saying that if we FIRST do not teach them that Genesis 1:1 is TRUTH...then later on Biblical teaching will not matter. That is now imprinted in my brain. So from now on apologetics and creationism is key with our Bible subject matter. Thanks for commenting! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Julie! Yes, A Beka is and will always be great material. We still have a good chunk of A Beka for our curriculum actually... Thank you for commenting on my blog! Again have a great year!

Sisterlisa said...

ooo Ancient Civilizations looks interesting.

Unknown said...

I have read over it and already planned for two terms with Ancient Civilizations & the Bible. It is interesting!! I am so ready to go through it myself!! :) Thanks for replying back SisterLisa!

Jennifer said...

Our 7th graders will be studying some of the same things. This is going to be a great homeschooling year.

Lavish Bookshelf said...

Your children will love the picture and music studies you are adding this year! Best of luck to your family in the coming school year!

MissMOE said...

What a great year! I love your pictures with everything laid out. I just bought our second Life of Fred book--we are really enjoying Fred. Thanks for taking the time to share your plans.

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