Are Missionaries Selfish?

19 February 2013

Sometimes I am amazed on the way some people think.
Now I have a glimpse of what the verse means when, Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. - 2 Corinthians 5:17
I have known for some years now that the Lord has changed my heart, but also my way of thinking.  To some, this is great, but to others, it's disturbing.

If you know my husband, he works the government. He is a US Army Soldier.  He works from sun up to sun down and at this duty station -has a desk job which entails active duty and civilians.  Hence, the words: office politics.

So that is a tiny background of his situation, but does that deter him from speaking about Christ? No, not at all. He has missionary prayer cards posted on his cubicle wall. So if you come to visit him there, you'd be intrigued at why so many "postcards."

Just the other day, he had a man ask him, "So, when you retire - do you plan on becoming a missionary?"

First of all, I am not surprised by this question because we have been praying about this for some years now. We have changed our whole family dynamics so that we can prepare (in the event he does get called to be a missionary).

So you say, Who makes that decision??  The decision of becoming a missionary?

Glad you asked, The Lord does.

Now, to the unsaved mind, this is a ludicrous statement.

To a Saved man who studies to shew thyself approved, if it's where the Lord leads him and hence: his family as well.

So, a co-worker overheard the discussion about becoming a missionary. Later the person who overheard asked several more questions and made the statement:  "How can you be so selfish?"


"Yeah, if you become a missionary do you leave your family or do they go with you?"

"If I go, yes, they will come also."

"Have you even asked your wife if she wants to go? Your children?"

"We have discussed it- as a family."

End of conversation.

Later he came home and told me of this little chat, and I was actually baffled at the boldness of another person's opinion on our family life. Furthermore, from a person who is neither married nor has any children.

**Just like a child psychologist, who has never bore a child or has any children --- I find their advice irritating.**

I will always remember a sweet lady, a missionary's wife, who was asked:  "Are you ready to become a missionary and why do you want to become a missionary?"   Her answer to the board, "I am not a missionary, but I am following my husband who has been called to do missionary work."

That has always struck me and the most wonderful answer to that question. She follows her husband.

Now, from a position of being a military spouse for the last 15+ years, (and the question/statement coming from a military member) --she has the audacity to say he is being selfish? Wow.

For the last 22 years, ,my husband has been an active duty soldier, he is being selfish?? I mean, as the spouse, I go where he goes...right??  Why?  Because his JOB determines the location of residence.  Yes, I do believe now that the Lord guides that, but none-the-less, we have moved plenty of times over the years -- even to places besides the United States.

So, in a way, military life is a great training session for a missionary - especially missionaries to the Armed Forces.

My husband was saved in a missionary church and so was I.

The pastor that had a church in Belgium, as a matter of fact, was in the military as well. He LEFT a prestigious military career in order to become a pastor and a missionary.  Without his sacrifice, my family probably would never have been saved...

So as far as being selfish, is he?? No. A definite no.  I think she used the wrong "S" word.

Instead of asking how can he be so selfish, the woman should have asked, "How can you sacrifice so much?"  

Easy answer... because God sacrificed HIS SON for us. And that is our model way of life.

So that is my answer and it will be the same as what Ruth has said before, 

Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go: and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:

Yes, I will stand by my man. 


click for 'the family international music' said...

Being a missionary its a hard task, its not easy to live away from your family and its being selfish one. Its a great thing that can be proud of.

God Bless to all missionaries out there!

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