October Baby Movie Review: Life is Beautiful.

30 September 2012

October Baby (2011)

Cast: Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey, Jasmine Guy, John Schneider, Chris Sligh, & more.
Samuel Goldwyn Films Presents
Directors: Andrew Erwin, John Erwin
Screenplay: Theresa Preston
Synopsis:  A college freshman’s world is abruptly detoured when she learns she was adopted and a survivor of an attempted abortion.  
Running time: 105 mins.   
Rated: PG-13 


I probably gather that many have probably already seen this movie, but I was just able to view it recently.  It really pulled some heart strings in my soul.  The movie is about a young female, which seems to be on the verge of a great acting/college career. The first scene she is onstage, first opening night, main character of a play – and we notice that she is physically ill and passes out in front of everyone.  That was her first disappointment.

Her parents and Hannah (Rachel) discover some of the underlining causes from the incident that night…the doctor can’t fully explain all her medical conditions without bringing up all her medical history –starting from birth.

At this moment, Hannah’s parents are forced to tell her the truth (well, most of it) – She was adopted.  Throughout the movie, the main focus is her journey to find her biological mother and what happens when she does.

Does life go on?  Yes, but it will forever changed for Hannah.  Through God’s grace she learns who she is and the powerful act of forgiveness. 

I would definitely recommend this for young adults to mature adults because of the subject matter of abortion, abandonment, short jail time, girl/boy relationships (nothing sexual though), and suggestion of one character drinking.

Side Note: Directors Jon and Andrew Erwin, are mostly known for directing music videos for Casting Crowns and Skillet (Christian artists).  


Personal note:

We strive to achieve goals in our lives, sometimes we succeed, we fail and what most do not understand – some goals/issues of life we never have control of.

I was not a typical college freshman until well in my 20's, married with two children, so I didn't have the normal college experience.  So, I tried to put myself in her position and contemplate the situation.  

As an adopted child, my situation was a little different because I was adopted by my paternal grandparents. I did know the truth as a young age that I was adopted and the situation that forced the procedure.   As a young child, I didn't question it, but as I got older and started to have issues in my life – they question did come up.  Why didn't they want me??

The situation is a little complex than that, you see, when I was almost 3 (or 4) I was severely burned in an old-fashioned clubbed toe bath. If you’d ask me how, the only answer I can give is that I was put in there for a future bath or it was used as a temporary play-pen.  In any case, I had turned on the hot water.

Born some years back, they probably didn't have a regulated max temperature or I was left there for some time, and so I was burned with 3rd degree burns with over 80% TSBA (total body surface area) being damaged.  Needless-to-say, my life was on the line.

Thank the Lord that I am alive today and I have four lovely miracles – my four sons.
Even though I was neglected, abandoned by my biological parents, hardships had come along with older grandparents (sometimes the lack of parenting/involvement) – I survived and I am still grateful for them. 

It was hard in my younger years, adding to the normal growing (both spiritual and physical) as a young adult, mix into it, low self-esteem because of the scarring, body issues, and bullying in schools – I still survived – by God’s grace no doubt. 

Long story short…fast forward many, many years…I had a friend once pointed out that that is the reason why I strive to be a good mother.  Yes, it kind of shocked me to hear the rationale behind it, but I suppose in a way she is right.  I am not nor never will be the perfect mother, but yes we try to do better for our children as each generation that passes by.

As first time Christians, we are trying to achieve and live by the verse, 2 Peter 3:18 “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen."

We feel that right now homeschooling our children is the best way to live out this verse right now.  Although, I know our education decision for our children isn't for everyone, I do, however, feel that teaching our children about Christ, charity, forgiveness are major life lessons that we should all teach our children.

So, October Baby, while watching I didn't think it would strike a personal chord in my own life, but I did like the underlining message that every life is beautiful and forgiveness is key to living.  

No matter what the situation is: if we've been hurt by someone or some situation we should give it to the Lord and forgive that person.  Forgiveness is so much better than keeping bitterness inside for life- trust me, I know.


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