Ironside Christian Academy, Year 4: Our First Day of (HOME)School!!

25 July 2012
Well, we survived our first day of our FOURTH year of homeschooling. YAY!  

Here is a recap of the day.

1.  Momma made waffles (rare occasion).  HA HA HA

2. First day photos. I got the idea from none other than Pinterest.

3.  Arranged little baskets of school supplies for them 'as a gift' for their first day.  The smaller two kiddos were so happy to receive them. 

4. After a few minutes of checking the supplies and starting the younger two out with coloring and cut/pasting... we went over the older boys planners.  Yes, both of them have planners (we'll see how this works out.)

I dictated their schedule (from my planner) as they wrote in their planners for the week.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.... ---In my Tom Hanks impersonation of THE GODFATHER --in the movie, You've Got Mail.  (because I don't remember ever watching The Godfather.) 

 5.   We started our day.  Overall the day went well...except for a few "I'm going to die from doing school."  moans and groans from my sixth grader. ;)   We had our supplies and books to go -- so it went smoothly. I pray the rest of the first week follows suit. 

First Day, July 2012

Our First Field Trip of the Year will be our Next Post. 

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