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10 July 2012

We are participating in the Back to (Home)School 2012 blog hop!  On Mondays for the next month or so here is the schedule:

July 9  – Your Students / Your SchoolYou can do either/or (and/or both.) Share a little about your kids, their interests, their learning styles, (pictures if you want, or none if you don’t.) If you’d rather, write about your homeschool, your school name, your goals for the year, that sort of thing. It’s up to you!
July 16 – Your curriculum (or must haves, or resources, etc.)One of our favorite things to look at – what books and resources do others use? You may not have all of it yet (or any,) or even know what you want yet. But that’s okay, join in anyway!
July 23 – Your School Day / Lesson PlanningWe love to learn from each other when it comes to scheduling our day and planning (even record keeping.) What does a day of school look like for you? Do you lesson plan? Do you have an amazing record keeping system? You can write about all of these if you want to, but you don’t have to!
July 30 – Your School Room / Area(I saved this one for last this year!) Where does school happen for you? Show us your space – whether it’s a room, a corner, or the dining room table! Don’t forget to share your bookshelves, file cabinets, and whatever else you use to organize your school stuff. Organizing is something we ALL love to see!


You can re-visit my link above in the @me section, but I'll post something here (for convenience).

We came up with a name and agreed for our homeschool; Ironside Christian Academy. The background of the name comes from the late Dr. H. A. Ironside. He was a man of God, loyal, faith, soul-winning man. When I think of a Christian, he comes to mind. We all strive to be Christ-like and hence, the name for our school: Ironside Christian Academy. 

Some of his quotes that I love:

1. "Christ is a substitute for everything,but nothing is a substitute for Christ."

2. "If lips and life do not agree, the testimony will not amount to much."

3. "Faith is to rest, not in the best of God's servants, but in His unchanging Word." 

4. "All self-effort is but sinking sand. Christ alone is the Rock of our salvation."

And our school motto comes from him too.."Faith is to rest, not in the best of God's servants, but in His unchanging word." - H.A. Ironside. I love the verse Hbr 13:8, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, And to day, And for ever. ---That is an awesome, wonderful statement.

Also, our mascot is "Ironside Knights"~to go with putting on the Armour of God-as well. When you have Jesus, you are FULLY armed & protected!


Freshman - He is going to have a rigorous school year coming up...his curriculum will consist of a lot of reading (you can find some of the books he'll be reading here).  I pray that he'll be able to keep up. He is my reptile/animals kind of boy....loves nature, kind of quiet, but loving teen (still working on showing that love to his brothers though).  We have placed more responsibility on his shoulders since he is our oldest. He is doing very well and I pray that this year I can see more individual responsibility and integrity. We hope to go through some devotions with him, for example, Thoughts for Young Men and other like devotions.  We will only have him for FOUR more years --unless he stays for college and working close by. He does well independently with school work --so I hope he'll have a challenging and rewarding high school freshman year.

Sixth - He loves outdoors, he's my out-going kiddo - it doesn't matter where we go he'll find someone to talk to and some how they (kids/friends) gravitate back.  This year we are doing a full box curriculum (A Beka) mainly because I already have the material and really like it and because he works well with spiral lessons/learning.  He'll also get to do other things with our Co-Op, and I am excited for him to be able to participate (as well as my other kiddos).

First -  This little guy is definitely my firecracker.  He loves life, what can I say.  He has a very strong-willed personality (that can rub people the wrong way), but I have often said {mentally}  "God is not finished with him yet."  He quick to hug and quick to shove.  *SIGH*   AND not necessarily in that order -mind you.  He will get an eclectic style of learning.  Curriculum I received from others as a blessing, books from freecyle, and this year we will mainly focus on his reading level and penmanship.

Pre-K -  What can I say??  Pre-K is F-U-N!!!  He'll be turning four in late I don't have a curriculum for him... just lots of hugs, hands on activities and reading books out loud for him.  If I see that he wants to learn more in a systematic manner --then we'll go forward with something like, Little Hands to Heaven, since I already have it.

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Amy @ Are We There Yet? said...

I have a little firecracker myself. Love the name & the quotes!

Jessica Stemmerding said...

Thanks Amy!

Amber said...

I love, love, love the name of your school, how you came up with it, the quotes, your mascot -- all of it! So very cool. =)
Thank you so much for joining and sharing, it made me smile. =)

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