Reading Across America And Especially in this House.

02 March 2012
My son reading a poem at our co-op

The President has proclaimed that today, March 2, as Read Across America Day, 2012.

I was impressed that the proclamation stated that from infancy through adulthood reading and literacy is an important factor in all our lives, "From the living room to the classroom" --well we are staying in the living room as a homeschool family.

I remember as a child, and as an adopted child by paternal grandparents -- we were not allowed to just sit down a read. There were no books laying around, no library. While I cannot justify the meaning to that occasion, I just know from speaking with my aunt, it was worse for them...if you were caught reading it was death sentence. (more or less).

I suppose my grandparents thought that if you were just sitting down and reading-- it meant you were not working or you were just being lazy, and not doing what you were told to do. I do not know what it meant nor care to understand my grandmother's mind, but that was life. I won't even go into what they thought about girls going off to college! God rest her soul...

So, when I grew up I knew that would be one of the changes in my (our) home. BOOKS. READING. LOTS OF BOOKS AND READING.

To this day, I love books. Always will. So as we are still in transition, I was sad without them... today we were discussing the pre-Revolutionary war tactics and persons involved. One that comes to mind... Thomas Paine and his book (pamphlet) Common Sense. I have this book also, but it's stored somewhere in a crate with my other books!!

I know I can go the the library, but it's NOT the same as reaching for your own copy.

The most important book in our World History is the Bible. I am privileged to say we read it everyday for school and for devotion. I have recently just picked up the habit (blame it being back in America) of going to Thrift Stores and finding every Bible in the version I prefer and buy them. Who knows? There is always an opportunity to give them away and a Bible in every room in your house isn't a bad idea. ;)

Reading is Key to everything. One of my favorite quotes is from Mark Twain ----> "The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." I whole-heartedly agree. It astounds me that some books, like the Living Word of the Bible, is banned from some people to read and coming to you in America. How a person in a third world country or somewhere like India -- where a new Christian and in secret grabs on so dearly to that book even if that costs them their lives!

I am ashamed to not feeling the same way sometimes.

As we started homeschooling a few years ago--our 'library' has doubled and will keep growing. I hope this will be our last move. **Books are not cheap to transfer!! :)

Anyway, I just want to share my love of reading to others, to highlight this important day (Reading Across America). Here's to letting my children sit down, cuddle-up and read a good book.

Happy Reading today and always!

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