Our Crazy Schedule Due to Military PCS Move

03 January 2012

If anyone has kept up with our story, you'd know that we are a military family living overseas (well as least for the next 16 days). In our journey to homeschool, it begin only a few years back...with little to no local support.

We have survived though and I would gather to say we have grown in the Lord more abundantly - for sure. It hasn't been an easy road...started here in Germany, taking our boys out of the public school was a big step in our faith...with four boys.

Our oldest was going into the sixth grade, then one son going into the third, and one toddler, and a bouncing baby boy.

Anyway, regardless of our earliest journey -- 3 different homes, 3 different schools in one year...we started the journey of homeschooling, in Schweinfurt, for the last 3 years.

It's that time again though... PCS - That means Permanent Change of (Duty) Station.

So flashback:

October - Finished my degree and husband came home from deployment.
November - Block leave and got the house ready for the move: organization - keep, give away, trash
December - Back to work for the Husband and getting ready for the movers. We debated on when, but the earliest they can pick up the sooner we get our household goods on the other end.
January - clearing/cleaning house/pet health certificates, final inspections, final appointments, and then fly out.

Some where in-between the holidays and a vast amount of training holidays-there is homeschooling. We started out the first of the school year pretty earlier (July) because we all new the PCS move was coming.

Anyway, this is why I love homeschooling...the flexibility, the extra time spent with dad (from deployment) as a family (hey a year is a long time without husband/father), and the less stress of daily life.

The boys have been reading a lot more lately, which I love because that is the Charlotte Mason way -- a well rounded, liberal (as in whole), learning environment/education.

I am not worried that they are 'behind.' They are learning, and most importantly they are learning about life, but life through a Godly worldview.

We did however start the New Year right by starting our 3rd term for this school year 2011-2012 on Monday.

It amazes me that even though I don't have all my books/supplies/space for our homeschool... it is still very much so with only a bible, a few CD's, and some basic core requirements (and of course a couple of library books) settled in a suitcase.

This whole experience (our first PCS move while homeschooling) has been fantastic...I wouldn't have it any other way (knowing the other alternative).

Here's a couple of photos to share of our first day back. ;) Happy Homeschooling and to finishing out this school year 2011-2012.

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melismama said...

Jessica, I cant believe you are only about 2 weeks out! Texas right? I love homeschooling and I can see you do also! Rock on and praying for your easy transition and move!

Jessica S. said...

Thank you Melissa!! :) Yes, it's almost about that time!! Yes, moving to TEXAS!! Yee-Haw!

hillbillywoman said...

I'd like to invite you to follow my blog
I've already homeschooled and graduated 3 children, and now I am homeschooling my grandson. Blessings to you and yours! You have a great blog.

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