Red Ribbon Week As a Homeschooler

24 October 2011

I am glad that I don't have to worry as much as a government school parent about the heavy influence of other students who do drugs or push drugs to my own children mainly because we homeschool--and I know that I wouldn't push drugs and/or alcohol on our boys. Seems like a general statement, but the more I read about the horror stories with drugs/alcohol with now starting in the elementary years rather than later in schools--it's somewhat a sigh of relief.

I know that I cannot totally ignore the fact that they will never be exposed to such things--hey, we are MILITARY right? My children do get a glimpse of what drugs/alcohol do to people's lives, they have seen commericals on AFN about domestic abuse and the like--(not all related to drugs/alcohol, but it's a major factor in most cases).

All I know is that they (my boys) won't have much of the peer pressure as their counterparts in gov. schools do and that's just a simple fact. I am glad that most (if not all schools drug-free zone) --but just because it's celebrated (Red Ribbon Week) --doesn't necessary mean it's drug free.

So this week, in honor of Red Ribbon Week, we will also do some projects in our homeschool about being drug free and alcohol free. Mainly because it's against the Bible to be drunk and having your mind altered (drugs) --A Proverbs study is always a good start and I have below some sites that I will probably use this week in relation to this particular study. *I think it's also a great time to teach them about drug safety in the home, we usually keep all drugs (prescription or not) out of reach from the children--it's a scary thing to have children mess with drugs (accidental or not).

So what are you doing for Red Ribbon Week?? Please share in the comments for sharing! :) Thanks.

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