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18 July 2011

The Joyful Keeper asked about how you (me) study your Bible. I find it interesting to see how many different ways one can study the Bible. To me, even though God's word DOES NOT change, it's like a fingerprint to our souls and minds.

Meaning, a verse or chapter can have a great affect in our hearts & minds more than the next person beside us. We each are at different levels in our Christian walk with Jesus Christ as well.

I do not know nearly enough of the Bible, but the key is that I do have the DESIRE to and want this for my children as well.

With our upcoming year in our homeschool, we will go through Allen B. Wolfe's - Balancing the Sword, Vol. I & II (if we get to Vol. II). The study approach section states this:

These questions are only an aid. Please do not look to these questions as a substitute for the reading (of God's Word). The Bible is essential to the Christian faith; Balancing the Sword is not.

He recommends that you read the chapter first and then test your comprehension by answering as many of the questions without assistance.

So, I am excited about this 'curriculum' we have chosen for our Biblical studies...as well as studying Paul's missionary journeys (A Beka 8th grade).

As far as personal devotion/reading I like to use....Professor Grant Horners Bible Reading System. Yeah, it's a mouth full, but I really have enjoyed this route for my Bible Reading time.

Professor Grant Horners Bible Reading System

I have found his system to be wonderful. He says that we should just read our Bible. No cross-referencing, no taking the time to get into it too deeply. This is what I needed because I also found myself trying to cross-reference or trying to dig deeper in...but as you read and read through the Bible with this system --I feel the Bible comes MORE ALIVE for me and keeps my interest by having a system that doesn't go straight through,but throughout the Bible. Keeps my interest for sure.

With 10 Chapters a day you can easily read through your Bible (couple of times) if not several in a year. This is a major goal for me this year to actually have read through the entire Bible.

*I have modified it for me though, instead of using his bookmarks I use note cards with the books/chapters printed on them. So when I read a chapter, I can just mark it off and helps me keep tabs of my reading.

My husband also uses this system and he made a wonderful xl sheet to help him track his progress.

Well, that's it. ;) Join in and share how you are reading your Bible at The Joyful Keeper's blog post and link up.

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Caroline said...

This sounds very interesting! I may try this next year....do you find 10 chapters a lot to find the time to read in a day? I wonder if you could spread it out if it becomes too much? 5 lists one day, 5 the next and so forth?
Thanks for sharing. x

Jessica S. said...

Yes, it is a bit much but I read it throughout the day or until I get close. You can modified it to only 5 chapters a day too. :)

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