Kinderfest: Guitar Lessons Put To Good Use.

30 April 2011
Kinderfest | April 30, 2011
provided by Kinderfest | April 30, 2011
Ethan Stemmerding, 13, plays “Improvisation in G.” Ethan is a very disciplined student who enjoys playing the guitar with his father. Photo by Nathan Van Schaik, USAG Schweinfurt Public Affairs. Photo by Nathan Van Schaik, USAG Schweinfurt Public Affairs.

Some of the perks (if I am allowed to say that) when the hubby is deployed is that some services that are free to our military children. We are allotted a few hours per month of respite care, boys can enter two sports seasons for free, and X amount of money towards extra curricular activities such as private guitar lessons they recently took up...

Our boys have been going to their practice for several months now and they both seems to enjoy it. :) Which is fantastic. It's available and they learn to play an instrument, it's definitely apart of their curriculum...

Well, today is the last day of April. April is the month of the Military Child. So, every year during this month, Army-wide Military Children are celebrated!! Either it's something like the Kinderfest or free bowling or what-have you. This is our second one here in Germany...So, anyway, Ethan was selected (asked) if he could be willing to show his 'skills' during the Kinderfest. "Sure." he said.

It conflicted with his baseball schedule, but since he made this commitment first to his guitar instructor...he had to skip out on baseball this weekend...he was kinda of bummed out...but hey---we all can't be at the same time in two different places. Just doesn't happen and we have to instill that "my word still counts."

Meanwhile, another homeschool friend, Jennifer and I set up a homeschool table during the Kinderfest--like we did last year--not too many showed interest in homeschooling right now, but hey--this is a very small military community and not to mention also that we are an overseas community. Information about homeschooling is NOT lacking in this community that is satisfactory. Would also like to thank my other lovely homeschool friend, Heather, for helping out with materials for our table!!

Overall, this past week was fun, exciting, and exhausting!! Glad my Ben was able to go to his baseball game and that Ethan was able to be a presenter at this year's other two had a blast riding ponies, and eating LOTS of candy! *Sigh*

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Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Wow! Free lessons?! That is awesome! :)

Jessica S. said...

Yes, up to certain amount of money for the SKIES program. We actually run out of the money this month...then go on with a payment-which is fine. They received about 6 months worth of free lessons.

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