Watching Discovery's Last Shuttle Launch

24 February 2011

My boys and I stayed up a little late to view the livestream (online) at SpaceFlight Now. It was fantastic to view. We did get kicked out(livestream), but only for a few minutes-way before the countdown came. We were able to see the Discovery take off from the Kennedy Space Center online. Why online? Well, again we are stationed overseas and this was the most easiest and convenient way to watch it.

I am always amazed on how technology works for us. It has definitely helped with our homeschooling and for up-to-date news. We have not studied in depth (like a unit study) about astrophysics/space. Ethan, last year, had a pretty good introduction in the 6th grade, but he is now in a general science course. Ben started out with Astronomy, but we (he) lost the book and so I made the decision to go ahead and cover Zoology 1 (since we had it already).

Anyway, I hope viewing this history in the making (going to the space-station again for the last time for Discovery), and seeing the take off live--would spark an interest in Space/Science for the boys. We love science so it was great to watch. I enjoyed it myself.

Well, tomorrow I hope to have the boys write a paragraph or two about what they thought about the take off and their feelings about it and how much they comprehend about space travel/space shuttle & station.

Discovery is the oldest of NASA's three surviving space shuttles and the first to be decommissioned this year. Two missions remain, first by Atlantis and then Endeavour, to end the 30-year program.

It was Discovery's 39th launch and the 133rd shuttle mission overall.

"Enjoy the ride," the test conductor radioed just before liftoff. Commander Steven Lindsey thanked everyone for the work in getting Discovery ready to go: "And for those watching, get ready to witness the majesty and the power of Discovery as she lifts off one final time."
article from ajc

Here are some sites we will probably hit for fun and educational tidbits:

1. NASA: STS-133 Clock
3. STS-133: Discovery Interactive Site

The Crew

4. NASA Blogs
5. Kennedy Space Center
6. GREAT Frequently Asked Questions like How much does it cost to launch a Space Shuttle?
7. NASA Kid's Club

Free Unit Studies, Lapbook:

1. Unit Studies on Space
2. Lapbook Lessons: Space Shuttle (Pre-K/Early Elementary)
3. HOTM: Unit Study: Space article
4. Space Lapbook
5. Homeschool Share: Space
6. Notebooks pages for Astronomy
7. Example for Space/Flight Lapbook
8. Space Coloring PagesFor

Purchase Unit Studies on Space

1. Space by Amanda Bennett
2. CurrClick: Space
3. Space Shuttle Toys & Games
4. Amazon books: Space
5. Rainbow Resource Center: Space

Thank you for stopping by!! I hope you enjoyed the Lift-Off as much as we did!!

Here is the photo of their Discovery Notebook Sheet.

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