Book Review: Tour of Duty: Preparing our Hearts for Deployment

08 December 2010

After going through the God Strong book and having my first encounter with my Survival Sister, Sara Horn has been a great addition to my library…well her book anyway. When I found out she was coming out with a new bible study and after reading the title, “Tour of Duty: Preparing Our Hearts for Deployment.” -I knew I had to get it.

The Bible Study for Military Wives: Tour of Duty has seven chapters, extra helps, and my favorite a Leader’s Guide. After a quick review of the chapters and reading all of the Leader’s guide section, it is of no surprise how excited I am to start a bible study in my home.

I, myself, am going through my first deployment and even as a seasoned military wife; deployment is still a challenge and with this study; I feel she hits all the right notes. The layout is easy to look over, the checklists and tips are great, each chapter has word recognition that draws me in.

The bible verses (though I prefer KJV) are marked in NIV, NASB, and some are NKJV. I do like that not all the verses are fully marked, some just give the bible verse location, which then makes me look into my bible and find my verse. I feel that’s a great bible study book, when it makes you research your own bible. It’s really a great bible study.

Thank you Sara Horn and I can’t wait to start the bible study with my fellow military wives during this deployment! I know this will be a huge blessing for us.

Tour of Duty: Preparing our Hearts for Deployment (A Bible Study for Military Wives)
Author: Sara Horn
Published by LifeWay Press, 2010
ISBN: 9781415869338
Paperback, Pages 143

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Sheena said...

I might have to find a copy of this one. My husband will be deploying soon, also. Thanks for the review. =)

Educate me Mommy by Njomza Young - Hakaj said...

Hi there Jessica. I am a homeschooling mom from Canada. I am new at it and the electronic diary part and could use improvement... LOL I really enjoyed reading your blog; found it very informative and well organized.

I can trully relate to the millitary part as I have been rescued from Kosovo to Canada through the help of NATO and the International aid.

I have added myself to follow your blog and you are welcome to follow mine.

TAke Care


Jessica S. said...

Thank you Njomza. I will head over to your blog as well.

Jessica S. said...

Thanks Sheena! I hope you enjoy it also.

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