Our Current Infatuation...Vikings

26 October 2010

You know, one of the great things I enjoy about homeschooling is that, when I see my children get excited about actually learning...I get butterflies in my stomach from being all giddy!!

So, it's only been a couple of weeks since we actually viewed the movie, How to train your Dragon, the boys have been infatuated with Vikings and armour. I made a comment on my FB, and turns out my children are not the only ones. he he he

So, going through the Interent to research... I found several website we will have to visit.

Free Unit Studies:

1. How to create a Unit Study guide on Vikings from eHow.com

2. Vikings ~ a very extensive book list to reading

3. Vikings Unit Study from JustMommies.com ~This unit study is geared for elementary students and planned as a 4 week unit.

4. The Viking Network Ireland: The Vikings Lesson Plans

5. Viking Adventure Unit and Lapbook from homeschoolshare.com ~requires three specific books

6. Explore a Viking Village from pbs.org ~ pretty neat!

Have to Buy Unit Studies:

1. Vikings from Currclick.com ~ plenty to choose from

2. Vikings search on CBD.com ~

3. Vikings on Amazon.com ~ more books!

I am sure their are plenty of other sites to look at! If you have an even better site, please share!! Thanks for the idea Jennifer! ;)

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Heather said...

You ARE a Mother of Action:) You got that going so quickly:) Great stuff, we are going to copy you guys!! PS

Jessica S. said...

Thanks Heather!! :) We are headed to the library tomorrow for some reading material!! Awesome!! Let us know what you find most interesting and we'll do the same!!

Cheryl said...

Vikings are such a cool area of study! I'd like to do something in depth one of these days.

Jessica S. said...

Thank you Cheryl! I hope you have as much fun as we did!

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