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12 October 2010

I need to renew my subscription for the Answers Magazine and in looking for my renewal I found this...Get a FREE digital copy of Answers Magazine!

I am totally excited because I did have this hard copy (AiG Human Body, Vol. 4 No. 4), but lost my bag with several books and magazines (including this one). If you can get Answers Magazine, I would highly recommend it for the family, church, and/or like us (homeschool).

My whole family loves reading it and included in it is a mini-magazine for kids called Kids Answers. Rich in great content and articles about creation and so much more! I really love Answers in Genesis. Anything they have on their website/store is AWESOME! Our current World History, Ancient Civilizations & the Bible, is from Answers in Genesis and so far it is truly fantastic!!

You can even view books (for free) on their website too. I have on my wish list the New Answers Books 1 and 2, but I can view them online for now...

Check it out~ You won't be disappointed; unless you believe in Darwinism. ;)


Rebecca (me!) said...

I absolutely LOVE this magazine...received my newest one today...just spent an hour pouring over it!!!!

Jessica S. said...

I love it too!!

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