Homeschooling. To do or Not to do? That is the question.

03 September 2010

The Homeschool Village this week on Link UP asked, "when did you 1st hear about homeschooling and what was your reaction? Did you have a mentor to help you get started?"

Wow, if I really think back to when I first heard of homeschooling...gosh, I would have to say when I was in either the 4 or 5th grade. I went to my small hometown public school and I had a third grade teacher, whom I loved, Mrs. Myatt. As far as I can remember she was an awesome teacher, always kind, always had a smile on her face, and she was a favorite (with the students).

Anyway, I forget how it came about, but I had gotten tons of extra 'paperwork' from her one day and I began my journey by "homeschooling" my sisters!!! LOL!! I clearly remember that we had a small board (I think it was a chalkboard) and I made them sit down so I could teach them... HA HA HA

I cannot remember how long that lasted, but as you can see...homeschooling was to be in my future and my sisters were my 'first' students.

Anyway, push future SEVERAL years and our first born was about to head to school. We were excited as any parents would be and I actually felt the urge to homeschool (to keep him home), but DH (dear Husband) was not into it. Then his kindergarten year went by it seemed somewhat what I imagined or expected and I didn't like it. His teacher did love him and she was a great teacher, but his gym teacher--not so much. At this point-I had mentioned to my hubby about homeschooling again...

I researched quite alot, but nothing definitive because (at the time) my hubby was against it (of course because of the misconceptions, rumors, & stereo-typing). The BIG S-word was the major factor for him.

Then he got up to 3rd grade and that year was truly a trial concerning his education and us as parents. Again, homeschooling came up again...and yet again we didn't take the leap of faith...

Well, it wasn't until we came overseas and the certain circumstances we went through as a family in the military that really kicked the ball rolling. When we came over we joined a local church, got into the Word of God, had a couple of homeschool families that let us in for viewing and mentoring us and it really showed my DH that homeschooling is legitimate and worthwhile.

We made the decision half-way through a school year (in December of 2008) about homeschooling our children. We let the children finish out the year so that I could research, get the house ready, and buy our curriculum for the following year.

We are now into our 2nd year of homeschooling and I truly enjoy being with my children, knowing what they are learning, and teaching them a biblical worldview rather than secular worldview and making that a priority also.

So, when did I first hear about homeschooling?? I would say from early on in my life I thought about it and researched it mainly through the local library & websites. I also believe I was destined to do it! {Smile}, but really making the effort to homeschool didn't happen until after my husband and I got Saved and in 2008 we made the joint decision.

With being overseas, the decision did not detour our decision either because of the Internet. I have mentors from around the world!!! Group forums, Military Homeschool Yahoo Groups, Facebook Homeschool friends, etc. etc.

We now have a homeschool support group on-post and starting our first Co-Op this fall!!! I am so blessed and excited for this opportunity to homeschool my boys!!!

Thanks for reading! Q: When you first thought about or talked about homeschooling or seen a homeschool family mid-week at the grocery store--what are your thoughts? ;)

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Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Wow! Great to hear how God led you to homeschooling! My husband had the same issues as yours did. :) It is amazing how He leads us to homeschooling! :)

Have a blessed weekend, Jessica!

Cheryl said...

It truly is a leap of faith isn't it? What a great journey. Thank you for linking up!

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