Not Back-to-School Blog Hop: Week 4, Our Homeschool Schedule

22 August 2010
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Not Back to School Blog Hop

This fourth and final week on the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop is about taking a glimpse of our daily lives with homeschooling. Honestly, each day is like a fingerprint, none are ever the same, but each day can be similar as the next...just know that each day is definitely a work-in-progress too!


Well, normally, so far in the last two weeks of homeschooling this year, we:

0730-0800 ~ Wake up time, clean rooms, & get dress (Group)

0800-0900 ~ Eat breakfast, clean up breakfast, throw a load in the laundry, sweep kitchen and dining area, brush teeth, and ready to start the day! (Group)

**I make sure I have a hot cup of JOE before I head up to our learning room**

0900-1100 ~ Free Play for my younger two (ages 4, almost 2) -Either they color, watch a Veggie Tale here or there, play in play room (room next to our learning room), or even 'read' books to past the time away. :)

0900-0945 ~ Bible Study through A Beka: Exodus, Term 1 & 2 (Group)

0945-1030 ~ Math B = MUS and E = Life of Fred (Individual)

1030-1100 ~ English B = Rod & Staff 4 and E = Rod & Staff 7, B = Spelling Power, Level C and E = Spelling Power, Level F (Individual & about 15 mins each subject)

1100-1130 ~ Reading to my younger boys or as of right now going through the alphabet
with my four year old...bubba (2 y/o) tags along

1100-1130 ~ Reading B = A Beka Reader 4 and E = Same Gave All (Individual)

1130-1200 ~ Penmanship B = Horizons, grade 4 and E = Memory Verses (Individual)

1100-1200 ~ Free play for the younger ones in play room

1200-1300 ~ Lunch Prepare, Eat, Clean-up, then laundry to dryer, free-time (Group)

1300-1500 ~ Naptime for the younger two...

1300-1400 ~ Science B= Exploring Creation with Astronomy and E = ...General Science (Individual)

1400-1500 ~ World History Ancient Cilvilizations & the Bible (Group)

1500-1700 ~ Kids from nap wake-up its time for Nature Study/Play at park/lake. (Group)

1700-1800 ~ Free-Time and Prep for Dinner (Group)

1800-1900 ~ Dinner and Clean-Up (me) and Free-Time(kids)

1900-2000 ~ Pick up classroom, Beds, Living Room, Clean-Up (Group)

2000-2100 ~ Devotional and/or free-time (Group)

2100 ~ Lights out! ;) (For the kids anway)

That's about it for us!! So far I have not be able to fit in Music Study or Picture study. :'( BUT...we start with our Military Homeschool Co-Op in September that will include Art Study, P.E. (which I'll lead), and Reading Theatre...and I am also starting a Chess Club through the on-post library to start up in October. I hope that becomes a success, both my boys love playing Chess.

This fall the boys we squeeze in Soccer too for extracurricular activity and for Wednesday nights, Patch the Pirate program with our church.

Needless-to-say, we have a busy homeschool schedule and while it seems to be filled to the max, some days are shorter than most and if I (or the kids) need a break...we take it.

Well, there you have it! Thanks for stopping by and I will enjoy and I hope to find new 'pearls of wisdom' from everyone that participate this week! Thanks for stopping by.

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Layton Family Joy said...

haha - girl I love it - 0700 - that's awesome. I'm sure though being married to the military it comes naturally, but still - thanks for posting it that way!

Love your schedule - I wish I could make one and stick to it!

Jessica S. said...

Thank you for commenting...yeah, I am used to military time. LOL!! I was prior service and I have been 'in the military' for 14 years now. (It changes you a bit. ;) Also, sometimes it's a little easier to write than AM & PM. HA HA HA

The little old mom who lived in a shoe said...

I love the little tyke rolling up to do some cutting and pasting in his helmet. Too cute! I'm heading now to check out your "Learning Room."

thedomesticfringe said...

The military time threw me a little, but I like the idea. Let's the kids know you're serious. I may need to implement this. If they whine, I'll make em' drop and give me twenty! ;-) (We don't start school until this Monday.)


Jessica S. said...

@FringeGirl: LOL!! yeah, military is the norm most of the time...but I have never said to them, "drop and give me twenty." They'd probably say, "...but I don't have any money Mom" HA HA HA

MissMOE said...

Looks like a great schedule. And I hope the chess club works out--we love chess at your house--it's kinda of a way of life! Thanks for sharing.

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