What you are planning on teaching for Art?!

29 July 2010
Well, this is a difficult subject for me to teach. Why? I never felt that I have the intelligence to teach it. Some people are just plainly more inclined at being artistic-I, unfortunately, missed that bus... ha ha ha

Even though I can't draw (or have a hard time) drawing stick figures, our oldest has taken an interest in it. Since last year was our first homeschool year...I did try to have him attend the SAC (school-age center) so that he can have a creative outlet for his art.

The year before that he was in a DoDDs school where that have an annual (well, it was the Art Show) Art Show for the elementary school. They gave out awards for Best Overall, Runner Up and the placement ribbons for an individual per grade level. Ethan got runner up for all the school. I was quite impressed...so I knew that I would have to somehow give him the environment he needed to 'blossom' per se.

Well, again, our first year I bought "How Great Thou Art" --but we really didn't have time for it...I tried to encourage him to do as an independent study, but he didn't. For what ever reason, maybe he didn't like it or just NEEDS the time to look over it and to do it. He does drawings mostly, free-style, and likes pens over anything... With my second oldest, Art, is his least favorite. I suppose if he can't draw like this older brother, then he doesn't want to try. I gave him ready made arts & craft projects--and he did enjoy those.

Well, this year, since we are going with the Charlotte Mason methodology...we will be doing Art Study/Picture Study. With this approach, as seen on Simply Charlotte Mason, it's just taking a famous art print and studying it together. The art appreciation can go hand-in-hand with our History studies as well...to study anthropology, customs, and techniques that the famous painter used...and the list can go on. Mainly we will study the print and then have the boys narrate what they see from viewing the print. It's history, the emotions it stirs into them, and so forth.

I have been looking out for discounted books on art...but I really haven't found what I want. Even the suggested buy of a Art Prints calendar for 12 -14 prints, I haven't found one that I like. I finally made the choice of Accent on Composers, Book & CD for music study and Usborne Introduction to Art for the art textbook from Rainbow Resources.

Some resources that I like are:

1. Simply Charlotte Mason, Picture Study

2. Ambleside Online, Art Study Ready-Made Schedule

3. Garden of Praise: Free Art Study Guide (with information about artist,& other materials) I like this one!!

4. In layman's terms; So You Wanna Fake An Appreciation for Art? --although the title is a little quirky, I like this site because it breaks down the ART in time periods, by artists of that time, and a good go-to guide for visiting the museum.

5. And of course I love this site, Art Projects for Kids!!

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Kari said...

This is a hard subject for me to teach as well, and I even consider myself artistic! Thanks so much for the link to Art Projects for Kids; I hadn't ever seen that. I can tell it is going to be a helpful resource. :)

Jessica S. said...

Thanks Kari for your response. Yes, I do love Art Projects for Kids! It's a super resourceful website. Have a wonderful, creative year!! ;)

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