Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!

07 May 2010
"When it rains.....IT POURS!" I have been going through a similar situation and sadly, so is my husband (with his job). My husband is Active Duty Army...and near his retirement. The Army has changed so much in the years, it's almost unrecognizable. Being a Christman man, it's hard on him...and then they use him for example over anyone or anything. It's putting pressure on him and our family.

My mother died (grandmother who adopted me) this past March, and from then on it's been one thing after another. My husband and I spoke of it even last night. This is a trial that we are going through... Yes, we do not understand it, but we will put all trust in Christ. This tour has been a very rough season in our lives, but ultimately glory is given to God.

I only pray that I can sustain this season in our lives... The devil does try his hardest to get us off the narrow path...but I won't let him and neither will my husband. It's getting very difficult in general for most Christians not just the ones who live in Christ-hating nations....it's happening in the U.K., Canada, and eventually, excuse me, actually in the United States even now.

I feel that I am losing the battle with our children...Well, not losing the battle, just losing time. I know I should rejoice the day that Christ will come again, but it makes me sad of all the people who will perish for rejecting Christ.

This is why I am glad that we homeschool our children and I know I need to be a better Christian woman. Just having them at home isn't enough...teaching them isn't enough. Yes, we can teach are children about Jesus Christ, but if they don't see Him in our daily lives, they grow up being so-called Christians who don't have the FAITH to stand up for ALL THINGS CHRIST.

I only hope is that my children grow up honoring Christ. And that the Lord helps me understand how to best do that. I am failing right now...so much of the things in this world are catching my eye, but this is probably the most upsetting thing to me...that is takes hard times to Trust more in Christ. It should not only be in this manner, but in all manners of living.

Yes, we go to church. I read another post about how (in the USA) a court mandated that the parents were NOT to take their child to church ---because it was too much church. TOO MUCH CHURCH??? I am a church-believing Christian...there is never a time that Church is too much. Learning about God's word is never too much.

How backwards this world has become...seriously. As we near the end of our first year of homeschooling. I am so glad that my husband gave us a go...I waited long enough (6 years)!! :) I hope that even though he'll retire in a year or so, that we are still able to homeschool. But with this all being said, I still worry and it's something I need to work on. I usually sing to myself---'Why worry when you can Pray." A hymnal I have grown to know very well, and yet...I still worry. How sad is that.

I have Faith. I just need to understand that Faith more. That's what being a Christian is about right?? Understanding Christ? I suppose we will never know the whole truth until that day...but we should be striving for it right? I don't know if I am making sense...I just wanted to say that homeschooling has been such a blessing--in more ways than one.

Even though my house is never clean, I stay up late to organize our days, that it might take an entire day to do one lesson because of my younger ones need a little more attention because of sickness, that I might spend my afternoon cleaning up the unmentionable (due to potty-training) off the floor, and when some days I feel I should just go away into the Abyss...I just wonder, "Why I am doing this?" and then I sit still for a moment and then I know why....and keep mopping the floor.


Jennifer Sikora said...

I totally agree at how backward this world has gotten.

Thanks for posting this reminder that as the mother I am to train my children to stand up for the Lord!

Be blessed!

Laura said...

FOUR BOYS? That's what I have! You must come over and see me sometime.

I konw what you mean about the rain...then I remember my mom saying, "Without the rain, we'd never see the rainbow."

Blessings, Mom of four boys!

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