TOS Review: Math Mammoth, The Golden Series

05 March 2010

I was intrigued when I visited Math Mammoth’s website when I was notified by TOS that I would do a review. I have never before this time heard of Math Mammoth, but then again I am new at this (homeschooling). And since we have a traditional, biblical curriculum, I really didn’t see the need of using Math Mammoth.

But looking through their website and emailing with the founder of Math Mammoth, I began to see the benefits of Math Mammoth and its approach to mathematics. I have received many items from Math Mammoth because I wanted to review the levels of math within and compare (our) traditional math curriculum to Math Mammoth. Along with the math I also received the answer keys—thank God for that! ;)

Here is what I received; Worksheets by Grade: The Golden Series
For grades 3-8, organized by grade. Contain problems only
The Golden Series books are worksheet collections by grade-level (from grade 3 through Algebra 1), and provide variable problems in a convenient one-topic per sheet format.

The Golden Series books do not teach the topics, and thus suit best teachers or tutors. They are great for classwork or homework, for general review, reinforcement, or practice material
To view samples of the Golden Series, please go here.

Prices taken from

(17 pages) Grade 3A ($7.25)
(72 pages) Grade 3B ($8.25)
(19 pages) Grade 3B_Answers
(64 pages) Grade 4A ($7.25)
(21 pages) Grade 4A_Answers
(71 pages) Grade 4B ($8.00)
(25 pages) Grade 4B_Answers
(87 pages) Grade 6A ($9.50)
(30 pages) Grade 6A_Answers
(80 pages) Grade6B ($9.00)
(39 pages) Grade6B_Answers
(78 pages) Grade7A ($8.75)
(31 pages) Grade7A_Answers
(88 pages) Grade 7B ($9.75)
(36 pages) Grade 7B-Answers


Math Mammoth Light Blue Series - a complete mathematics curriculum
Math Mammoth Blue Series- by mathematics topic
Math Mammoth Golden Series- are collections of worksheets for grades 3-8(9), consisting of two parts (A and B) for each grade. (WHAT I RECEIVED grades, 3-7)
Making it Real Learning- Make It Real Learning products are workbooks that contain activities or problem situations taken from real-life, with real data.
States by Numbers Workbooks- These workbooks offer a real-data math adventure across the United States! Each workbook is based on data from the Census Bureau's 2008 Statistical Abstract of the United States.

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Not sure at what level to purchase? Have the child(ren) take a placement test here.

Frequently Asked Questions of Math Mammoth- go here.

You can buy Math Mammoth at these stores:
Kagi Store
Package Deals (noted on Math Mammoth website):
Better Yet - Package Deals!
Blue Series package - $80 (download) or $85 (CD)
Blue Series for grades 1-3 - $40 (download)
Golden/Green Series package - $65 (download) or $70 (CD)
Light Blue Series package - $99 (download) or $104 (CD)
Blue/Golden/Green Series package - $120 (download)
All Inclusive package - $158 (download) or $163 (CD)

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* Math Maker, for printable math activities with answer keys
* Math Master, for on screen practice of various math topics
* Math User, for answering the 900 multi-level word problems
* True/False Math Challenger for mastering facts 1-12

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Stemmerding Family's take on Math Mammoth

When I did an inquiry about which e-book to use, I was under the impression that it was a small e-book. I was waiting for only 4 e-books!! Boy was I in for a treat. So, if you do visit the website, please make sure you know what you want. Maria Miller has a vast variety of e-books!! Can be a little overwhelming, but through customer service, I am sure helpful hints are available to you when you decide on which route to go.

When my 8 year old did the Grade 3A and has done most of 3B…I have to say, his math has really improved. I love the fact that the math is straight to the point, gets the mathematics across to him in a visual yet hands-on way. As with what we normally use…there is just problems (and lots of them)…yet with Math Mammoth, you have one sheet (how we did it) and you focus on those problems, pleasing to the eye and just enough problems for improvement—it doesn’t go overboard.

Each problem is divided into squares or sections, which I really like. It really made a difference with my 3rd grader. He can focus on that one problem and look at that one problem without being discouraged with a full page of math. Mind you, math is his favorite subject and Math Mammoth makes a great worksheet page(s) for Math.
Also, instead of just directing, “Multiply.” You really have to think critically about what the directions are saying. For example, “Make two division sentences and multiplication sentences out of the same picture.”

I remember when I was growing up, one of my weakness was math, (actually it still is)—and what helped me was to draw out squares or a drawing to help me comprehend the word problem or problem. Here it uses the same concept…In the younger years, I feel, that seeing a picture helps the child to comprehend what the problem is asking.

Math Mammoth goes one step further by not only making the child think about the answer, but also help comprehend it and ask to plug in the same answer a different way to get a complete overview of the concept. It’s really awesome!

My older son is 6th grade, and I find that he knows the concepts in 6A and is now going through 6B. Mind you we are using Math Mammoth as a supplement right now… If they need more practice on a particular concept or if I need to assign homework, I go to Math Mammoth and print out the pages I want from the e-book. I find that it’s easier if I print out as needed---instead of printing out tons of pages.

Actually my 6th grader is starting the Grade 7A pretty soon…and right now he is practicing with a compass and circles, diameter, radius…and we both are excited to finish out grade 7 with Math Mammoth.

The good news is that I am able to print out when I need it and for each of my children will be able to use it. For the price and value of the format Math Mammoth has, I feel it’s a great value. Again, each family is different and you have to go with the Math you feel is best for learning (with your child).

The copyright license is for a single teacher use. One teacher (owner of the materials) is allowed to print and copy the materials to his/her students, however many those might be. In a family situation, the parent is naturally considered to be this teacher. Sharing between teachers is not allowed. Each teacher should buy his/her own copy.

I feel ashamed to say, but I have also been using Math Mammoth to help with MY COLLEGE MATH CLASS!! Yes, I am not taking College Algebra yet, but it’s also been 14 years since I was in high school…and even then, I did not do much math. Like I said, math is a weakness of mine… it really makes me realize the importance of a strong foundation with math and in general with life, hence, why we homeschool. I am glad that I am able to get through this with my sons, and it amazes me that with a little time and patience, the kids, can understand and comprehend so much the more…

Overall, I am excited about Math Mammoth, and believe me, I have seen my fair share of different math curriculum over the past 7-8 months. It has reasonable prices with great content and value. I really prefer worksheets over anything else when teaching and/or learning mathematics.

NOTE: I am not paid to do the product reviews, so my review is exactly how I feel about the educational product and how my family used it. To view other reviews for Math Mammoth please visit here.


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