Ready to Lauch as a TOS Crewmember 2010??

08 February 2010

The TOS Homeschool Crew is ready to set sail on its third adventure!

(You can view all information at this website.)

Would you like to join?

By now, I think almost everyone has heard about the TOS Homeschool Crew. If not, check out their blog. The Homeschool Crew is a large group of product reviewers who are working together for a common goal—to spread the news about great homeschooling products and resources!

The first year, they had 120 members and reviewed products from 50 vendors. This past year, they had 130 members and reviewed products from 75 vendors! TOS has plans to make the third year the biggest and best yet! How so?

TOS is going to divide the Crew into 2 groups, and each group will have 100–125 members. One group will focus on reviewing products for infants through elementary age; the other group will focus on products for junior and senior high (and beyond). There will be some overlap for those great vendors whose products are for all ages.

I want to join—how do I sign up?

TOS is looking for lots of blogging, emailing, cyber talking, home educating parents for this exclusive group and will begin the screening process VERY SOON.

They are inviting the best advertisers to take part in this special viral marketing program. These exclusive advertisers are going to send you a selection of their hottest products to try.

Your job as a Crew member is to thoroughly use the products in your homeschool. Then, blog about them, email, tell your online groups and get the information out, helping us go viral. Not only do you get to use the product, but you also get to keep it, in exchange for your honest reviews.

If you are a support group leader, then you should send out information about some of the focus group items to your support groups. Additionally, support group leaders are asked to take some of these exclusive products with them to group meetings and do a “Show and Tell,” sharing their experiences with the items they are reviewing. The more you write, blog, and share about the items, the more fun you have and the more viral this campaign goes!

It all works quite simply…

The accepted vendors will ship the select products you are to review directly to you. Naturally, they will send you catalogs and brochures. If this viral marketing campaign is to work, they need you to become intimately familiar with the items they send you. Use them. Think of yourself as a lab worker—thoroughly testing, studying, and then writing about your findings.

Is this role the same as being a TOS Reviewer?

No. You will be a special independent reviewer exclusively for the Homeschool Crew. TOS will put you in touch with these companies. You will provide the homeschool community with an independent review and analysis of the products YOU use!

Do you get paid?

No. You are, just like a regular reviewer, simply agreeing to test products and write about them on your blogs, within your newsletters, and through emails to homeschooling friends. You recommend your favorite books and restaurants; now you can recommend wonderful products specifically for the homeschool community!

You should also verbally (in person) share your thoughts about these products with friends at park days and at your support meetings, whether you are a leader or not, and just in any other day-to-day contact with homeschool friends. Because you'll have company contact information, such as website addresses, toll-free numbers, etc., due to all the supportive materials sent to you by the companies, you should include this information in your reviews and emails so that others who visit your blogs or lists can go check out the products for themselves.

The TOS goal is to get as much information out about each product reviewed as they can, and into the hands of as many homeschoolers as we can. This is the viral part!

I’m ready! Where do I sign up?

First things first! If you are interesting in being a part of the 2010–11 Homeschool Crew (which will serve the homeschool community from July 2010 through June 2011), you’ll need to fill out our demographic information form before March 12, 2010.

Simply click here to fill out the form. Be sure to hit “submit” at the bottom of the form (this will ensure that TOS will receive your information properly).

Your demographics answers will be evaluated, and if we feel that you are a possible candidate for the Crew, we’ll be in touch with further information about how to continue the try-out process. This process will include downloading some of our own TOS products and writing reviews of them. Review guidelines (a basic format) will be provided, for your convenience.

REMEMBER, demographics forms need to be submitted by March 12, 2010. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Also, check out on TOS: The 2010 Homeschool Freebie Directory


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