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09 February 2010
I have been following Free Homeschooling 101 (through Facebook) for awhile now, and I would like to share what it is because it has great website links with free content.


Free Homeschooling Households use Field Trips, Online "free finds", printed worksheets, and life experiences guided by parents and children to create a love for life-long learning.

The term "Free" is associated with money as well as the "type" of homeschooling. Free means, relaxed, fun, joyful,
Free Homeschooling is also a way of life!

Are you just starting out as a new homeschooler or researching to start?? Among other sites, I would recommend this one to view because all the content is free.

I especially love the "Old-Fashion Education" website posted on Free Homeschooling 101... And Free Homeschooling 101 introduces you to information like, diagnostic testing to open course ware for H.S. level. Go here to view Free Homeschooling 101 Basics. Check it out!

To view their Facebook Page, please visit FREE HOMESCHOOLING 101

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