Blog Hop: Week 2: Our Family

17 February 2010

Doing the Homeschool Hop: Week #2

My hubby and I have been married almost 13 years now. We met each other at my first duty station at Ft. Polk, LA. Yes, I was once a Soldier myself. LOL! He has been in for over 18 years in the military. He would tell you he didn't plan on making the Military a career, it just happens. We are definitely getting ready for that next chapter in our lives...retirement. What the Lord has for us; we are not sure of, but either way we will follow through prayer and guidance. I am finishing up my bachelor's in Healthcare Management through Bellevue University. He has a degree from University of Hawaii, but plans to attend Bible College after his retirement.

Ethan is our 12 year old and who is in the 6th grade. He loves to read; a drastic change from his elementary years! Thank God. He loves to draw, loves history and science, and his DS game. The last couple of years he has focused on one sport: Soccer. Being in Germany, soccer (football) is widely played. We had to re-arrange rooms within our house...switch a few kids around and now he has his own room. Wow, he really did need his own room; bunking with his 8 year old was getting old. :) He is definitely a first-born, I see him everyday taking more responsibility around the house...and it's refreshing not to have to say, "Can you pick up after yourself?" I am proud to be his mama. He has a loving heart, and I should hug him more often!! Teen years will be passing by very soon!!

Our second-born son,Ben is light-hearted and easy-going. In fact, probably a little too easy-going. The one thing that we are trying to adjust is having our older son help him so much with everyday stuff. Like...helping find his shoes. Oh my goodness, literally for the last six months (not joking)--he could never find his shoes. Everyday it was a struggle. Why can one child loose his shoes for that long? Even a weekend trip to Garmisch?? Yep, he lost his shoes. I couldn't believe it. Thankfully, we found them placed neat [two sections] down the hallway. But that's our Benny. He actually loves Math and does well at it. He loves Science and likes to do Art projects also. He started out this year as a very slow reader, but I am glad to say--he has improved immensely. We are all just waiting for Spring, so we can enjoy outside more. Nature studies--here we come!

Oh my, here is our firecracker!! Lucas is three years old. My children do not go through terrible two's --they go through terrible three's! He definitely at the stage of rebellion. But, when he is not so high on life...he really is a very sweet boy. He definitely loves hugs and kisses, loves his baby brother, and loves to draw of everything...especially on himself. I am doing lapbooks with him, and we both love the time together and he likes to cut and paste. His favorite past time- is for me to read book after book to him. I don't mind that--at all.

Baby boy is now almost 15 months old. I just love these photos; especially with his chipmunk cheeks!! He is a very easy-going baby. Doesn't cry much, loves to eat his veggies, and loves being around his bubba's. All the boys do very well with each other; except for altercations between boy #2 and boy #3. I think it's the age difference (5 years)--but who knows?

The one thing I do know, is that through homeschooling my boys; we are raising Godly children in the truth and light. They are learning from a Godly perspective rather than a natural-world view...and we are definitely loving the time together as a military family.

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Kylie said...

Lovely to meet you and your boys. :)

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

Nice to mee you! Wow - you are out numbered with all those boys! Glad you are joining in the Homeschool Blog Hop! :) <><

Debbie said...

I love this blog hop. I enjoyed meeting you and your family! I am with you my little one didn't go through the terrible twos, but is in the terrible threes!

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

I love your comment about raising them without worldly views! I look forward to reading more of your blog! Thanks for joining in!

Jessica S. said...

Thanks everyone! :) Nice To meet all of you too!!

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