My top ten to get into organizational shape!!

01 January 2010
Since the New Year has made its exciting entrance, I now feel a little overwhelmed! Yes, it’s that time of the year that we all are talking about and know of…the New Year’s Resolution(s). I have never been one to write down or really even put a list together, but now with more children into our mix, planning is vital for a smooth ride. My resolutions is to make our HOME an organized HOME!! :-)

Here are some websites I am using to help me organize and give me some ideas...

10. Mrs. Clean's House Cleaning Tips & Stain Removal (for those nasty stains)

9. Free Home Planner and Organizer (menu planner-have used this for years now)

8. Grocery List (ummm..a grocery list)

7. Historical Bible-Reading Plan in One Year (because without gratitude and thanksgiving what are you doing it for??)

Thank You God

God, thank you for the blessings
you have bestowed upon me today.

6. Abfuhrkalender (Recycling Calendar)

5. 28 Financial Web Sites for Military Families (For a new, revised financial budget)

4. Controlling Clutter (because that's what it is...clutter)

3. Managers of Their Homes: A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Homeschool Families (A Guide That Is Brillant)

2. the 2009 Schoolhouse Planner on CD (Homeschool Planner)

Crusing the Country - January 2009 The Old Schoolhouse Planner

and but not least,

1. Econobusters (31 Days of Organizations Series--Her Website Is Awesome!)

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Jessica S. said...

Please look at my Resources on side bar to follow the 31 Days of Organization. Thanks! :)

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