Part 2 of Coming Home: Everything's Bigger in Texas!

28 December 2009
Part 1 of Coming Home: Here we go, we're at it again...

Well, once we arrived from Germany, my aunt and uncle were able to pick us up from the two vehicles. Yes, with a family of six you are not able to fit in a compact-sized car. I was so happy to see them--in person! Being away from family for so long is one of the disadvantages (when you are stationed overseas) unless you have tons of money to disperse for a plane ticket 'home' whenever you want.

My husband did a consecutive overseas tour (COT) of the benefits of sticking around a couple more years is a free leave time or free plane ticket home. We chose the latter so that we may see family in-between our total of five years overseas.

Our flight was during the day --so coming to Texas...we gained even more hours(about 7 to be exact). Needless-to-say, we were thrown off-schedule a bit through out of time in the United States.

So, the plan was to stay in Ft Worth (arrived on a Thursday) till the following Monday to DRIVE to Dimmitt to see my Grandparents. As the Grace of God would have it-the 7th of Nov.---is my birthday! So, my aunt did an awesome job planning a birthday party while we were there. It was a busy day that day. The men and boys had a day planned, and my aunt, me, and baby boy had other plans...

They did this;
1. Shooting range
2. Shopping
3. Night Fishing

We did this;
1. Appointment (for my aunt)
2. Errands
3. Shopping

HA! Yes, shopping was the main theme for the day!~ I got to go to some thrift stores, Walmart, and Sam Moon!

Ever heard of Sam Moon??? It's a BIG HIT in the Dallas/Ft Worth area--I'll say. It's a Woman's accessories store to the max.
I got tons of earrings, headbands, costume jewelery (for upcoming Military Ball), and a purse! It was so busy that day---usually they allow you have strollers in the store, but not this day (it was a Saturday)... I was not deprived with things to buy--lets put it that way...LOL!

On Sunday, we went to visit a church in Ft Worth, not far from where my aunt's called Ft Worth Baptist Temple. It was a great church to attend and the people were ever friendly--OF COURSE we were in TEXAS!!

Another favorite--after church we ate at Matty's favorite place, BABE's

Then had getting ready for a week long trip (7-hour drive) to Dimmitt. Here is a photo diary of our trip. Next week, I'll describe the feelings I had when I went to see my grandmother (mom) since moving to Germany.

My trip was awesome!and I am glad that I was able to see our family after three years...

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