What is Edu-Caching?

20 June 2009
Just got a notice that I might be able to do a review on a product named, Educaching. What is that? LOL! I have once heard about it chatting with other ladies. They said they have been doing it for years (caching). I researched it a quick second, but was turned off by the expense of the hobby (although, I was looking in on one family who did this "GLOBALLY"). Anyway, not everyone can go globe-hopping, so this product should be right up my alley---locally. :)

Take a look at the Product for Review: Educaching, GPS-Based Curriculum

A good resource document is here.

Well, I said all that to say this, homeschooling or 'homelearning' can often times get in a one stream mind (e.g. inside the four walls), but this type of learning gets you 'out' there. I am excited and SCARED to use it. Please check back when I make a complete formal review of it. And check out their website for more information. I once heard someone say, "Sometimes the shoes do not fit (your scared to try them on), but you have to just jump in and GROW into them." I'd say that's the perfect theme for this occasion.

Yes, you CAN homeschool!


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