Missionaries and Germany

19 June 2009
Taking a deep breathe and getting ready to start the school year; the homeschool year that is...

I can not believe that we'll start homeschooling on 17th August and it seems like its racing by to catch us!! I recently received a planner (my review is below) and it really got me thinking about my family organizational skills!! Well, since last December, my husband and I, officially decided (well, decided to obey the Lord on this) to homeschool, but it has taken me all a good 6 months to get ready for it. I mean physically and mentally. I have had to 'resign' from previous volunteer commitments (other than family and church). We have had to re-do our budget (since my hubby is the only one who gets paid to work) to fit our current situation.

I do feel however, overwhelmed, but in the same sentence--calm. What is that? What I feel is that the Lord has blessed this family, so far. Being in the will of God, just makes things go smoothly. Smoothly, as in (me) having confidence and faith in the Lord. That doesn't mean there won't be bumps along the way, in fact, we just went (I) went through an minature crisis...having four children with no help (no close family), and in another country--can be frustrating at times. And by no means are we alone (meaning we are not the only military family living abroad)...but sometimes it does get overwhelming-at times. There are definite pros and cons living abroad.

What I do to calm myself is read, listen, or see scripture (my bible). I ready my Blue Letter Bible, I listen to great preaching on iTunes, Paul Chappell being one of them, and grow at our local church, Liberty Baptist Church.

So, having the opportunity, and the God-given right to homeschool our own children is very exciting! Did you know that in Germany--it is illegal to homeschool?

NOTE: Reference from website: HSLDA International
These countries it is also illegal to homeschool:
1. Bulgaria
2. Brazil (officially banned)
3. Macau (Homeschoolers operated from a Baptist church tutor center that has now been shut down.)
4. Romania

Wondering about Russia? I would think it would be illegal there...anybody know??


By being a U.S. military family living in Germany, we have the right to homeschool our own children. I have seen firsthand what the German government (can do) if you are a missionary or U.S. citizen living abroad (most Germans don't fight the system) who homeschools their children here. Either (1) they leave the country (or the government threatens/takes your children away) (2) Fight the system (usually doesn't work), (3) Put them in the government schools (which no missionary would do), (4)Get a federal job. If you are a U.S. citzen/missionary that lives near a military base and get a federal job--then you are protected.

Also, on the subject of missionaries. I am so appreciative and blessed to knowing some of the missionaries in and around Germany. Having moved 3 times in less than 2 years...moving is hard!! But finding a bible-believing church is a prayer answered. We were Saved in a missionary church serving the Armed Forces. I thank God for them and everyone missionaries throughout the world.

BIMI serves military communities! Their page is here.

BIMI strives to:
EVANGELIZE military communities utilizing gospel literature & visitation ministries.
ESTABLISH local churches.
EQUIP service men and women through church training and biblical discipleship that provides them with strong foundations in the Lord and His Word.
ENRICH the lives of military personnel through Bible-centered programs.
ENCOURAGE GI's who struggle with loneliness by offering them an environment of Christian fellowship and love.

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."-- William Arthur Ward, author and teacher

So, needless to say, I am grateful to be a American, Military family and thanking God for the privileged to homeschool my children and meeting wonderful missionaries along the way. It's a scary, and exciting time for us.


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